Monday, February 28, 2005

Your Seduction Style: Ideal Lover

You seduce people by tapping into their dreams and desires.
And because of this sensitivity, you can be the ideal lover for anyone you seek.
You are a shapeshifter - bringing romance, adventure, spirituality to relationships.
It all depends on who your with, and what their vision of a perfect relationship is.
Yep! That's me daw. :P
(Whatya think hon? :D )

You Are Not Scary

Not Scary!

Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?
With this one... I'm doubtful... ata. :D

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mercedes-Benz SLR


That's the Mercedes-Benz SLR that I saw this early morning on BBC World's TopGear and found myself squatting in front of the TV when they featured it.

I realized then that I might have looked like a beggar.

Eheheheheh… :D

But anyway it looks great and it operates great and seeing the MB showroom in Global City everyday doesn't help at all. WAHHH!!! I have to have one!

Um... my birthday will be celebrated every July 15. It'll be my debut on 2006... :P Gifts will be treasured and much appreciated. :D

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Blogging and Tagging.

Sometimes I get to tag more and my time is eaten up doing just that.

Sometimes I get to post more and my time is eaten up doing just that.

What do you do if you want to do both? There are plenty of ways to do. But there are also plenty of reason you can't do them. But Im glad that at least I can do both most of the time. :D JUst like right now. :D

*sigh* hay...


Love you hon! I know you saw the Moon. You might be looking at it right now. I am (might just be) doing the same right now...


music in the background: Close your eyes dry your tears...blah blah... You'll be safe here... In my arms... through the long cold night...blah blah... Put your heart in my hands... You'll be safe here...

Hay... ganda ng gabing to... :)

Plummetted from the highest high happiness...Not anymore. :D

I am so so sad. This is deep (irrational?) sadness.

I came from Quiapo this afternoon and got my B&W pics of the Sepultorero.
I first saw the contact prints and I was glad that at least all came out good. Then I chose the 11 good ones, 6 of which I will contribute for our Photojourn. After 1 hr it was finnished.

I knew that they look good on the contact prints... but they came out not so good...

They came out PERFECT!!! :'D

Well, that was exactly how I felt then. I was so happy. Beyond happy actually, I was moved almost to tears! No. Not really. But then I was so happy I even told some people what I just typed there. *points up*

Then came the Dynamics of Philippine Politics Class...

We learned that *bleep* people failed the prelims but they have the chance to pass if their essay's grade will be able compensate.

So there we were waiting to know if we will pass or not. I did pass. My grade... *quick deep sigh* 32/60.
I barely passed. And to think that I expected more from me just after I finnished the test. I even put it here on one of my posts.


Now, not even the Beautiful Golden Full Moon that I see right now from the window of Bill's Gate CYBER CENTRAL here in Morayta can meke me fell better...

I just said a while ago that I cant be sad because childern in Africa are dying right now from hunger. But then... I guess I should't be consoled of other people's missery/life/missfortune/blahblah.

I chest feels heavy right now...

*huff huff*

Humpf. I guess it wasn't really that bad. But I hope that I wont take this back later. When I'm alone in bed driffting to sleep.

Oh well. :) I can smile now. :D

Maybe I felt a bit bad a while ago also because THE top seed/cream of the crop/top predator of AB's 3rd year batch, the batch that I belong to, is a C.A. student. The person got a perfect 60/60 on the prelim exam.

Oh well. Why should I feel this way. Like Ria said I should be happy for the person. Ok person, I'm happy for you. Yes, really, I am. :) *sincere smile*

Ok so I should'nt feel so bad. :) My mother's carinderia (Yup! She's a small scale entreprenure. :D) is scheduled to change venue today in time for the Full Moon. :D

Yeah, the Moon's big, perfectly round, and golden tonight. Beautiful moon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Recollection at the UST Seminary

The Recollection was quite effective.
It gave me a needed break from the frivolities and hustle and bustle of life. (Yeah, melodramatic.)
Topics like forgiveness, and the humanness of parents, teachers, and classmates were covered. Had a confession session and a Mass.
Not like just a HS activity like father Lucio said. Not that I mean that my HS Recollections and Retreats were not as great.

Things like this, aside from other reasons, make me more thankful that Im studying here. :D *raises UST flag and sings UST hymn. joke*


Great good break. :D

Plus the recollection master, prof Julian, even postponed his going to the hospital for his daughter who was brought to the hospital by his wife because their daughter was vomiting.
You might think "that's strange" or "so what" or "why didn't he just leave and go to his daughter". Well, he believes (I think) that he's there for a purpose and (this Im sure he said) also that his daughter will be alright.

I dont know if I would have done the same but I consider what he did as something I (we) should be really thankful for.

A quite bad thing that happened at the Recollection at the UST Seminary

I just came from the Recollection me and my batchmates had a while ago.

It became a chance for me to open a up (at least to a single person) the biggest hurt in me today.
It's so secret that I can't write it down here. Only a few of the privileged few knew about it. :D
It would have been better, I think, if there were some who would've just participated more, like me, meaning I should've participated more, but all in all it was an effectie recollection.

My only um... regret? was that I wasnt able to keep my cool when I faced our theoretical framework. I just had my confession then, as in just had it not more than 2 minutes ago then, when I learned that one definition is wrong in the Operationl Definition of Terms in the Thesis. That was fine with me because, with the help of Abi, I was able to finally give a correct definition. But then, another thing happened. One term still haven't got a definition that it was supposed to have last night. *fuming... then*So I was at the verge of my patience already. I gave it some thought and v o i l a ... instant definition.

I was quite pissed off then since I was thinking that, first, I'm in a recollection and I want to unwind for atleast the remaing hour from the measly 7 1/2 hours that was alloted for our recollection and then something like that happens. Second, I did MY part and yet some parts still arent there and *it just dawned on me just right now* am I still the one supposed to do that?! Why do I have to see/know/to be told that that definition still wasnt done. But I did that one definition anyway so there's not much issue here. Oh yeah there still is... I was thinking I felt bad that I slightly lost my temper there. I mean, I shouldn't have gone through that, the emotionally challenging experience and all, being in the recollection and all that.

I guess, un/fortunately, some things just arent under our control.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Bi-shounen overload!!!

I watched NHK last Saturday evening around 10 and I was having the time of my life!

There were these Japanese boybands(?) and they were like having a concert, performing on the stage one group after another.

The entertainment value for me was sky-high! The (funny?) costumes--red furry tights, black-silver over-alls, and others, were amusing. The songs remind me of anime background music, opening and closing theme songs. Hay...
It was such a great experience...

Now I understand why Charsa feel the way she does toward Jap guy performers. And yeah Abi too!!! Abi, I was looking for Aiji the whole time! Wondering if he'll be performing that night. I think I (imaginarily) heard a (or many) girl fan(s) scream his name.

And of course! The audience were a huge source of amusement too! I had the chance to peek at their culture and behavior when I watched that show! They were screaming in such a way that would remind you of cheering Japanese girls on... yeah... anime.

That show made me confidently say now that animes are as real as they get. Without the things that make animes real animes of course. :D The magic effects and stuffs.

The guys on stage were great! They wore their costumes like it were normal clothes. But I guess for the Japanese performers that they are, those are real clothes already. And their voices, their songs... made me nostalgic and elated because I realized that I'm listening to the kind of people who sing the songs for the animes that I watch. They have, most of them, hahve good voices btw. I also noticed that their singing voice is different from their conversational voice. (People, is there such a term? c: ) It's on a slightly higher note. Noticeably different. The more amusing it became for me.

And yeah, for those who dont know what bi-shounen mean... They are guys who look like female human beings. Beautiful. My female cousin even commented that the one who shocked me looked like Mylene Dizon.

Shocked me because there were these portions where the hosts, this time a younger guy and an older guy, (No. They're not yaoi. I think.) would interview artists. And in one portion one artist came in and I was like in major confusion...

A beautifil girl... er... or... *mind says: all artists you've seen so far on this show are guys.*
Then the artist spoke. Whatthe! He's voice is deeper than the hosts'. I think he's the most bi-shounennic I've seen on that show.

Uh oh... I'm 45 minutes late and counting for World Lit class...
Gotta go! Bye! :D

Hon, welcome back from Guimaras! *hugs!*

Good morning!

I went out of the house and there it was! The golden shine of the sun on the East! (duh...)
The weather was a fine cool start, unlike the sweltering heat right now.

Thing's would have been perfect but then when the fx arrived at Global City, the reality of living in the city became obvious once again. I've noticed that the horizon is hazier than usual. The Makati skyline, Rizal Tower at Rockwell, and maybe Ortigas too, had (have?) this dark-to-light brown (YUP! brown. not gray) haze.

Oh well.
Welcome to the city Brent! :p

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Search for the Star in a Million

Stupid Judges.

Mas magagaling pang kumanta yung mga tinatatanggal.

Pucha. Billy Joel?! Pucha!
Wala sa tono yung kinanta a! Siyet. Dissappointed ako kasi mas mabibgyan ko ng pa justice yung kanta. Di ako nagyayabang. I'm humbly stating a fact here.

Good looking kasi kaya pinasa. Si Agot na nagsabi nun ha. "Buti nalang cute (Tama ba?) ka," sabi ni Agot after nilang kumanta.

Sa mga makakabasa nito at mao-offend di ako mag-so-sorry kasi totoo ang sinasabi ko. Unfair ang judges at stupid ang judging.
Ganon ba talaga ang tingin nila sa audience? Na lahat bobo. Di marunong kumilatis ng magaling kumanta. Insulto sa intelligence ng tao yun ah. Ano tinggin nila sa taste ng masa, basta may hitsura pasado na agad? Stupid ABS-CBN. Maybe the producer/s have something to do with this. Di sila nakakatulong sa growth ng madla. F*ck.
Today is the typical tamad day. *types the keyboard s l o w l y. . .*


I dont know if it's because of the pasta that I ate (rich in carbs) and made me full, the weather (quite hot with occasional breeze), the APP prof who left and said he'll be back in 20 mins which never happened (must've died while he's on the way. Joke(?). He's on a Defence.), the Filipino class that was canceled today, or it may just be that I'm embodying Juan Tamad today.


I sure hope that I'll be back to my giddy self before Ria and I do the Theoretical Framework of our Thesis...

Hum... I think I'm coming back to my giddy self now.

*types a little bit faster*

Last night and this morning I've read part of the theories that we selected and I was really beggining to be more interested in what I was doing. I realized that I was found the "getting to doing it" that was hard not the "doing it" itself. I've heard/read/seen something like this before and how true it is to what happened to me today.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Quite effective ang ginawa ng mga terorista sa Makati. Tuwing madadaan ang sinasakyan kong fx tuwing umaga at gabi sa bandang nanagyari yung pagsabog ng bomba, nakakaramdam ako ng slight paranoia or takot na baka , no matter how far fetched the idea is, may bigla nalang may mag BOOM! sa harap ko.

Have you ever imagined that happening to you? When I heard the news, I was imaginning how was it like being there at the time when the bomb exploded...

When me and my brother were imagining how it would look like when the bomb inside the bus detonated then the shockwave and fire came out of the bus damaging nearby buses...

I said, "Ganda." And my brother gave me the look and I quickly added, "In a horrific way."
I said that kasi just imagine... Yeah it may be morbid but then...

I also imagined that I were there walking along the sidewalk when suddenly BOOM! and I would be thrown off my feet and hurled a distance. Then I would be disoriented and feel no pain, actually my body would be numb. And I would feel something wet somewhere on my body... then I would see that it was red, if I can still see (OMG not my sense of sight PLEASE!), and I would suddenly realize that it's blood. I'll see the bus/es on fire. The people injured and uninjured running around for their lives alone or with somebody. People's screams.


My aunt was hit by a shrapnel when a bomb exploded in a mall in Zamboanga city the other year(?). My uncle ,who was a Police, was killed in an accident in Zamboanga when I was a kid. (Yes. I'm, now in my late teens.) My fathre was "quite" emotional when we were watching the news about the bombings. He was saying something like gaganti ang mga Christiano sa nagyaring yan...

I do hope that all this violence end.
After ko mabasa kanina yung pinost ni Karlo Jose sa blog niya, naalala ko yung naramdaman ko nung gabing pauwi ako at nasa South Super Highway ako sakay ng fx. Parang may munting premonition of death or feeling ko nakaramdaman ako ng premonition of death nung oras na yun kasi kahit may pagka morbid akong magisip iba yung slight feeling na nangyari nun.
Yun yung gabing nagpasabog ang mga traydor at duwag na mga terorista ng bomba sa loob ng bus sa Makati nung Valentines Day.

Basta wierd. Nakasakay ako sa fx then nalingon ako sa labas at nakita ko yung reflection ng ilaw sa side ng isang vehicle then I think I saw or imagined na skull ang hugis reflection ng ilaw sa sasakyan. Death. Then I felt a tiny-winy pang of fear or worry.

Basta yun. Maaaring imagination or nagkataon lang ang lahat. Or baka nga naman. Oh well.
I even wished before what I "felt" then that I dont want to have premonitions of death kasi... basta. It might be too much for me to handle or I dunno... kung meron edi meron at kung sakali mang may pagka-sigurado na ako kung sakaling meron nga then I might just do everything that I can do I can to stop it. (yeah, cliche.) Except if it's Bush Jr. or Bin Laden or the terrorists who's gonna die. Or I dunno. Dunno why I even included their names there, esp Bush Jr.. Basta Blog ko to at wala akong pakialam kung si Bush pa ilagay ko. :P

You Are 22 Years Old
Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

So ayan daw ako... :D
Got the link from Abigail Ruth Reyes who got it from her Friendster bulletin board that was posted by somebody. Sobody who I dont know and came from where I wonder. :D

Anyway... I was so releaved to know that Kitin got what I sent her last Valentines coz I was worried like hell at what might have happened to it since I had no way of knowing since I lost my cp and all that. Im just glad to know that she got it in time after all.


Ack! *pokes Ria* "Ria kailangan na nating umalis. Spanish na."

Ria says "Oo nga. Wow himala..."

Me, "Bakit himala?"

She, "Ngayon ka lang nag-aya."

Looks at the time, she said, "Matagal pa pala."

few seconds later...

She, "(hali) kana."

And that's the conversation we're having right now. Actually we still havent left even though were 2 minutes late and counting for our Spanish class with "La Señora *BLEEP!*"...


Ciao! :D


I noticed something yesterday... I was watching a Jap anime on ANIMAX while at the same time telling it to my brother in English while at same time reading my Poldy reading # 26 that was written by a Japanese. Multi-racial and multi-cultural influences all in one house huh. :)

AHH!!! It's 12:34 already!

"Ria tara na!"

Monday, February 14, 2005

Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso sa ating lahat!

Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso sa ating lahat!
Happy Valentines Day!
Feliz dia de San Valentin! (courtesy of Elizel)

Take care and be safe always! ;D

"safe"- I mean it in all denotations and connotations imaginable. :D

Lovapalooza 2 and a cellphone

From a paper that I wrote on upon arriving home last Saturday from the Lovapalooza at Baywalk, Manila:

I lost my cellphone tonight. This is the second time that this happened. And guess where I last left it, in my pants' right front pocket. Again.
I held it last in my hand when Ria and I were at the l o n g s l o w queue to claim a free magazine. (Pathetic you might think but there's nothing else to do at that time and we're gonna get something for free, right?) So when we got near the booth, we noticed that there's, aside from the mag, a free photo session with the stars/models on the elevated booth. There were female sexy stars, including Belinda Bright (did I get the "surname" right?), and a male model who , according to Ria,was included in a commercial of KFC with the "Gusto mo?" line. The guy's as slim, if not thinner, as I am. Ria was starstruck nonetheless.
We climbed the elevated booth. Positioned ourselves, smiled, *FLASH!*. Btw, the female models by this time have left the area so what happened on the booth was a threesome. With Ria in the middle.
We claimed the magazine and left the place with smiles on our faces. We were walking to beat of the music. Me singing along. Bamboo was on the stage 20 feet away to our left. Nice...

Now here comes the good part!


We were now in front of Aristocrat when I reached for my pocket. And felt my handkerchief. Alone. (Reminisces the time when I did the same thing a semester ago.)
I told Ria that it's not in my pocket. We chose a comfortable spot and opened my bag. I had a little itsy-bitsy true hope that it might be there because at that moment I really didn't know (or...dunno.) where I last placed it.
I opened my bag, felt and looked if it's inside. Not in there. I wasn't surprised. I was (or maybe I still am) in slight(?) emotional discomfort.
But I was calm.
Ria suggested that we go back to the booth and try to ask the guards if they found it.
We squeezed through the people. Bamboo was still on stage. So what. At this moment, things that would usually perk me up in some way did not matter.
The guard that we talked to was kind and accomodating. He told me that it's alright for me to enter the restricted area. So I entered and approached one of the people in charge. She was kind enough to tell me to go up the elevated booth to look for it. (Why am I getting a wee bit perked up at the thought of what I'm about to write...) But I stayed where I was since there were people on the "stage" having their pictures taken. So I waited for a right moment to go up.

Then Brent Javier and other 2 male models went up the "stage".

I heard female voices screaming.

Then, I still was looking at the stage and it just seemed to consciously dawn on me, Brent Javier on the elevated booth. Banal unaffected thought followed. I then said to the lady in charge, "Pano na ako makakaakyat. Andyan na yan." Pertaining to the ones on "stage". I went to the left side, still on the outside, of the elevated booth near the back of it to get a glimpse of the corners. It might just be there. But it wasn't. Heard a guy loudly say, "Oh! Bat andito si Watchilei?!" (Hua Ze Lei)
I asked one of the photographers on the booth if they found a cellphone but he said, "Wala e. Kung meron yun makikita na namin agad yun." (Dunno if I got that verbatim. But there you go.)
So we left the accomodating elevated booth with the accomodating people who manage it.
Ria can't help but feel bad and guilty at the same time. Saying that it was her who dragged me there in the first place. I honestly told her that it's not her fault. "It's not even my fault."(?!) I added. "It's an accident."
But i'm thinking now, I could have prevented it from happening.
"I hope that he's happy with it." "I hope that he's child will be happy if he recieves it." Were some of the things I was saying to Ria.

I was on the jeep en route home when I was thinking "Nawala ang cellphone ko. Ayoko namang buhay ko ang mawala sakin." ['Wah! What a way to think.' you might say but please, dont freak out yet or think that I've snapped. :) ] and held on the bar overhead. At that moment I was thinking how "fortunate" I was to just loose a cellphone on that night. At least I haven't lost a father, a loved one, or my life, unlike other people somewhere at the same time.

Accidents, hardships, and tests make men and women wiser.

I am now terribly ashamed that my mother would have to know about this and that I would have to tell her myself.
She always told me not to put it in my pocket but to place it in my bag. The first time I lost my cellphone was when I placed it in my right pocket. My mother bought me a cellphone again, and, again, I left it in my pocket, and lost it.

Watashiwa Bakero-desu!

If I remember it right, it was a Juddah Paolo who said that there will be Lovapalooza in the years to come. Hah!
"Lost the cellphone anniversary!" according to my brother.

I went to the Lovapalooza with a cellphone in my pocket. I left with a Lovapalooza pin on my chest. Nice.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Battle Royale and being "busy"

Been busy blog hopping. Been busy surfing the net when I should research for my Talumpati sa Fil4. Been busy thinking about things. Been making myself busy watching things. Been busy procrastinating.

(at this very moment Kitin is... online! :D )

Hey people! Ever watched Battle Royale?! It's a freakingly great bloody (literally...) Japanese movie!!!

It's a story about *BLEEP!* who were sent to a(n) *BLEEP!* where they're supposed to *BLEEP!* each other!

The *BLEEP!* sent them there.

At first they were *BLEEP!* about what they're supposed to do. But then, because of extreme *BLEEP!* due to *BLEEP!* and other reasons, they started *BLEEP!*ng each other!

The movie brought me to the edge of my seat...and tears. (Actually, I did shed some tears. Im not being melodramatic here. Period.)

My bottomline is... watch it.

Bye! Gotta go! (Mela has to use the bathroom... Yeah, were at the library's 6th floor. Been on the net for like forever.)

I still haven't found something for my Talumpati sa Fil4. Been too busy "distracting" myself through other worldly stuff.


Monday, February 07, 2005

One Good Day Coming Up!

I love the sun because I saw it's rays this morning, splashing divine colors on the clouds in the horizon.
I love it more because it reminded me of you.

My day started great!
I woke up just in time!
I saw my aunts who just came from the province. One who has Diabetes, whose story I posted last year, is still fine. :)
I left the house just in time! (Feeling the cool morning air!) And saw the majestic morning sun's rays splash an array of colors to the beautifully shaped clouds in the horizon! (whoah...)
Rode the fx just in time! The queue wasn't that long.
I sat at next to the driver's seat beside the window. The fx's inside was cooler than the outside. I was comfartably seated on my personal space! Wasn't uncomfortably displaced by (a) machismic inconsiderate passenger/s this time.
(Looked at the morning sky again!)
Got past the Mercedes-Benz showroom in Global City again. (Gawd! Evil eeevil cars!)

Then, (DRUM ROLLS! Here comes the best part so far.) while a few feet away from Taft Ave., I was looking outside the window when a motorcycle with two passengers, male and female, were passing by near the fx.
I noticed that the girl (she's in her early twenties I suppose) was pretty (Love you hon!) and, like the guy driving, she was wearing a helmet.
But that's not only thing she was wearing...
As they went past us I noticed that the girl's (pardon me for the terms and details dear feminists) upper garment was a waay bit high. (I think she was also wearing low-waist pants.)
And uh... her underwear shows.
OK! Not that it's such a too-big deal for me, considering the desensitization mode that the media and the public is on. It was the material that it was made of that caught my, and my seatmate's, attention.
It was a purple crocheted fabric...


Told you so, my day's started great!

One more thing, when I was on the jeep bound for Dapitan, the driver was caught by a Police officer because he wasn't wearing his uniform plus, aside from his T-shirt (I guess), he was just wearing shorts.
Now, he was given two choices:
To have his license and plate surrendered and pay something like 1k if he were to claim his license and plate back.
Or, he will sing the Lupang Hinirang.
The driver chose the latter. I was seated in front beside the driver's seat (Yeah, luckily, I like to seat in front.) so I was hearing at all the time. I was muffling my laughter since it's the Lupang Hinirang and all.

And I came to school in time!

This day's great!!!


Saturday, February 05, 2005


Thanks to yahoogroups, me and my classmates can enjoy all the hillarity that Art can share! Hillarious? Imagine me sitting inside the library who happens to read mails and find the joke mails of Art. I was coveing my mouth with my rag the whole time to avoid creating too much noise. (and not to look more stupid than I already do. [look stupid while suppressing the laughter I mean.])

Anyway... *sighs*

That was some hearty laugh!

Anyway, I would just like to use this blog to vent my frustrations.


1. I can't see, hug, and... I can't be with my SO last week, yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week... on VALENTINES?! WTF!

2. Other Sun subscribers choose my time of the day/night when I need/have/want/ought to talk to Kitin the most and cause the network to flood with their stupid calls and thus, I cant make a connection with her! *uck!

3. I just cant seem to have enough time for everything! (Welcome to college, Brent!)
Can't watch enough TV, can't hear enough music on the radio, can't (almost) sleep enough, can't have enough talk with Kitin on the phone!

4. Can't post regularly on my blog.

5. Can't be with my family all the time. (gotta go to school and all that.)

6. Can't stay too long because I gotta go home now. Bye.


Suicide 2

When the Police found the guy's cellphone they read the still-unread text message. I came close and heard/saw that it said something like "dont do something until...". The text's details are already blurry to me, Im sorry. But the point is that people who read/heard the text message assumed that the whole incident must have been because of the guy's problem with a girl.

We later learned that the guy's problem with a girl did contribute to what happened. Some personal issues also contributed but I can't mention that here.

His body was autopsied but I dont know if they found something unusual that migh have caused his death aside from the obvious. He's is now at a wake in a funerary establishment near Makati University.

From all that happened, I therefore conclude that:

serious personal issues + depression + (possible) drunkeness = (possible)Suicide

Not to mention the Y gene that resulted to his being male. Living in this society, like most societies, where male human beings are molded to become "tough" and not to be obvious with "soft" emotions might have contributed to that fact he committed suicide. No wonder suicide cases and mental illnesses are prevalent among human males.

The moment we learned that he was already dead, people started saying things about premonitions before he died, and words like "if" and "should have been".

Ifs and Should haves will never happen because the person is already dead.

I mentioned that he's the kind of person who always talks with a smile and was always well-mannered, me and my neighbors testify to that. But then, not because a person always seem jolly, there is no possibility that that person will not attempt to commit suicide. So please, watch out for you loves ones, even the ones you don't, because we just never know. Just like us, we didn't know it then.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Our single 30-something male boarder commited suicide last Tuesday evening at around 10pm. He was sent to Osmak, they tried to revive him, but unfortunately they werent able to. He died.

He was known to everybody, including me, as a happy person. He's the kind of those rare good guys who always look and sound happy enough and talk to a people with a smile. (Hum, that attitude reminds me of me. Btw, Im not telling/writing this because he's already dead and that the stereotypical thing to do is to say good things about a dead person. Definitely not my style.) That night he was with his father having a drink with their drinking buddies/ neighbors. At around 7:30 (ata...) he called his mother who was with his sister's house in Caloocan and he told her to come home. (Later the mother thought about calling her son and to tell him to come to Caloocan instead. But [I think] she didn't.) Later at around 9 he went home to cook for their supper...

His father came home at around 9:30 and ate supper. He noticed that the component was turned on and so was the tv. Later, he looked for his son. He went to the room were the tv was turned on. At first glance he didn't see his son, but when he turned his head toward the right, he saw him. There he was, on an almost kneeling position, motionless, his face's color was starting to darken.

The father went outside and called to the neighbors! "Ang anak ko!" He was shouting.

I was inside the house when I heard him and I thought that there was only some fight going on outside. How terribly wrong I was. Talk about untimely and fatal apathy. My mother, upon hearing someone shouting, woke up from her sleep and told us to see what's happening. She went to look outside too.

I went down, saw a tricycle just about to leave, and was told that the son of the old man commited suicide and was sent to Ospital ng Makati. So he was on that tricycle...

I, togther with an elderly male neighbor, who was one of their driking buddies, went into thier house. We turned off and unplugged the component and the tv. Inside (he seemed to have been watching VCDs, I arranged those since they were just lying around) the room we saw the rope that he used. The person with me touched it and was observing it in he's hands. It wasn't a nylon cord like we always steroetypically hear that people who commit suicide use. By observing the short distance of the rope from the floor he would have been on an almost-kneeling position. (The Police who came later were wondering how he could have died when he wasn't even hanging in midair.) But then again he might have been on an elevated position since the chair near it was tumbled and he might have made a way to make the rope shorter.

Just when we were about to get out of the house, guess what I found, I saw his suicide letter. Written in red ink. I told the elderly neighbor there was a note and he took it. We both read it and (to my wonder) he folded it and put it in his pocket. When we went out, I thought that the people ouside ought to know what I found so I told my mother that I found a letter. The elderly neighbor took it out and everybody read it. There were just about four of us at that time who were reading the letter since the other people who came when the old man cried for help were having their own circle. (You know, when people talk about something, they always form a circle or whatever.) He said on the letter that he loves his parents and (Im not sure about this succeeding detail-->) something like he's sorry and (I'm sure of this, this time-->) etc.

All the while at that moment, we still didn't know how's he doing in the hospital. I, and I think the people around me too, was thinking that the guy will be alright, since the person who carried him, aside from the father, said that he wasn't "dead-weight" yet when he put him into the tricycle and that he was still warm.

Later somebody came (I think he's one of their drinking buddies and also one of those who first came and helped). He was wearing a cap and he was wiping he's eyes, I can see that he's having signs of bringing bad news. He said that the guy's dead.

I felt my hands close into a fist and my arms crossed on my chest. All hope was gone.

Then later the Police came. They went into the house and said that only the owner of the house can come inside. When they came out of the house I heard one of them say that it's strange that the guy died by hanging since the he might have been just on an almost-kneeling position.

to be continued and will be probably edited...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sun SIM, PDA, Oprah

I learned something new today.
The possibility that people will tag your tagboard increases if you add posts regularly. (duh!)

I'll post something today that I should have posted days ago but wasnt able to do so. (Reason: was too busy with academic stuffs)

I got my Sun Cellular SIM last Saturday! (# will be disclosed upon individual request. eeheeheeh)

After I finished my Dynamics of Philippine Politics Prelim exam, I was thinking that I deserve a reward so I went with Ria to SM city manila when she asked me to accompany her. I had spare money so I was thinking about spending it when we get there. Ria was planning to buy a Sun SIM.

While were on the short but S L O W queue to buy hers, we were having a little chat like we always do, topics on the Gokongweis owning the Sun Cellular, the Sun posters, Robinson's Galleria, and Summit Media (where we're planning to have an OJT) and some other topics.

When Ria was next in line, she suggested that I buy a SIM too. I said, "Kung bibili ako, magsisisi ba ako? Hindi." and I added, "Kung hindi ako bibili, magsisisi ba ako? Hindi rin." After I said those, she noticed that there was something posted on the casheir's booth and it said: two sim cards per transaction.

How's that for a "sign". So Ria and me left with our own new SIM cards.

Something funny happened while we were while we were going down the escalator. On the other side there was this pair who smacked. (a.k.a. pecked, kissed, etc) and after three seconds, around four steps bahind the PDA pair, another pair kissed. (Actually, this time, the guy kissed the girl on the cheek.)
From this observation a derive an assumption that the second pair, after seeing the first pair do their thing, followed the example of the first. All this on the escalator of SM manila.
Hum... a lot of interesting things happen. You just have to be observant enough to notice.
The new SIM proves useful. My significant other can now call me anytime. (Talk about role reversal!) Ahahahahaha! :D Love you hon!
BTW, people, did you know that Oprah Winfrey is a Billionaire? She's practically the same caliber as Lucio Tan, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II, and Henry Sy. Oh well. :)