Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Full Moon Crazies(?) and Academics

You may have heard this before: Strange phenomena happen during a full moon.

I think yesterday wasnt a full moon but then it looked like one so I just thought that there might just be a connection with that with what I have observed yesterday evening.

What happened was while I was walking with Ria Hazel somewhere along Recto on our way home, I heard an ambulance. Then when I was already at Pedro Gil near the queue for the FX, there was another ambulance. Then at around 11:30 while I was in bed (almost) ready to sleep, I heard, yes, another ambulance.

Strange huh? I think so too. I just seemed to happen too often for me consider it all a coincidence.

Or maybe that's what all that happened are, just coincidences.

Oh well, the fact is, the Moon, together with the stars in the almost cloudless sky, was wonderful last night as, I expect, it will be tonight.


I was so relieved to know that Chap 1 of our thesis was ok except for some very minor revisions. (Yehey!) I was quite happy to know that I got an 89 (darn. it could have been 90.) in my Spanish prelims since I wasnt really expecting to get that grade. Not that I dont aspire for something better because I obviously do.
I'm also happy baecause we already have taken some pictures for our seven deadly sins photojournlism project. (btw, we have to make a haiku for each pic.)
Oops! Gotta go now! We still have three more deadly sins to shoot!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Our Photojrn prof might have thought that we're superhumans!
He requires us to produce 7 pictures that represent the seven deadly sins. And make a haiku for each.

And to think that we're gonna have our Dunamics of Philippine Politics prelim exam this coming Thursday!


Sunday, January 23, 2005

My friend's father died yesterday. I dont wanna tell anything more than that.

I watched Shaider on GMA7 a while ago and Im telling you, Shaider still havent lost it when it comes to entertainment value! Atleast for me who was a former religious follower of the show when I was a young lad...(actually at 19, I still am..)
I was sitting there in front of the tv and WOW! . Watching Shaider in his full battle gear (with all the shining effects and stuff!), was, well, nothing short euphoric.
Have anybody noticed the night sky lately?
It was unusually clear, almost cloudless, and the stars seem more visible. The moon was bright too last night btw.
For the people in the Kadayawan festival right now, the nights must have been wonderful, with the clear starry skies and parties going on.
Oh well, the prelims is almost over, with only Dynamics of Philippine Politics left to review. Argh! If only that subject were easy.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

I got this from my Chicken Soup Daily Serving.
Hope you'll like it like too. :D
Mother Duck's Miracle
By Carolyn Griffin

"Just a couple hours now," said Dad, "and we'll soon be at our campsite!"
The year was 1950, and we were on our family vacation, doing our family thing - camping. I settled down in my corner of the back seat to take a nap. The rhythm of the moving car soothed me into a deep sleep.
Wham! I woke with a start, my face on the floorboard of the back seat. Dad had braked sharply.
"What happened?" I asked. "Where are we?"
"Half an hour from our campsite," he answered, "and I don't know what the holdup is, but all the cars have stopped. I'll see what's going on."
Dad stepped out of the car. Mom, my little brother David and I waited.
"Bet there's been an accident!" David was excited.
Mom shook her head. "Probably a bear crossing the
road," she said. David bounced up and down in his seat. That was even better than an accident!
Dad came running back to the car. "Come on!" he said very excitedly. "Come on, kids! You've all got to see this!"
I jumped out of the car and ran to catch up with him. "What is it, Daddy?" I asked. He grinned and reached for my hand. "Come see, Carolyn," he said.
I knew that, whatever it was, it was nice because my father was happy about it. I grabbed his hand and skipped excitedly along beside him. We walked past a dozen parked cars. Ahead, a group of people stood "ooh-ing" and "aah-ing."
Looking in the same direction as everyone else, we saw a mother duck, sleek and proud, promenading up the middle of the road, nine little ducklings waddling after her. The babies were marching single file behind their mother, totally ignoring the people and automobiles.
No one from any of the stalled cars appeared to mind waiting on a fearless mother duck and her nine ducklings parading up the highway as if it were exclusively theirs.
We all followed Mrs. Duck and family a quarter of a mile up the hill. There Mrs. Duck led her children off the road, over a small embankment and into a little creek winding its way down the mountainside.
I walked back to the car with the adults and listened to their conversation with strangers.
"Oh, you're from Milwaukee? We lived there for four years!" They were discovering people and places they had in common.
I was quiet as we continued our journey, wondering about what we had just witnessed. Later in camp, I sat on a large rock next to my father, our feet dangling in the creek.
"Daddy?" I asked. "How did Mrs. Duck know that all those busy people would stop to let her walk along the road with her babies?"
Dad picked up a smooth stone, thoughtfully rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger, then skimmed it over the water.
"Well, honey," he said, watching the little stone skim the water, "that's one of God's miracles. God used that mother duck and her babies to slow everyone down so they could enjoy life a little bit more. He arranges opportunities like this, sort of as a reminder to make people think about what's important in life."
I sat there for a moment, smiling over Dad's words. Soon, Mom joined us, stuck her tired feet into the cool water and sighed, "Oh-h, that feels good!"
David wandered up and sat beside Mom, cuddling close. We all relaxed there by the creek as the mountain breeze played a soothing symphony in the trees above, just for us.
Yes, it truly was a miracle!
Gotta go now! Im late by 10 mins for my Poldy class! :P
Always take care people!
Especially my "K". :)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Children sans Husband?

Yesterday I heard some of our women neighbors talking among themselves. I know it's sort of rude to listen to other people's conversation but I was at the terrace so I cant help but hear them talking so I listened anyhow.

One quite "young" mother, she's still in her 20s I think, said "that kahit walang asawa basta may anak."

I wasnt too puzzled or wondered too much about what she said but then I would like to ask you this question: Ladies, would you prefer to have one or both (husband and/or child/children)?

Thanks to all who might read this! :D Thank you very much to all who would leave a comment! :P

It's Hot.

I woke up this morning at around 6 and started reviewing for my Spanish and Literature prelims. Then at 7, I ate my wonderful breakfast.

Nothing much happened... but then while I was starting to review again...

(Courtesy of the documentary I watched on TV last semester on The Discovery Channel)
The human male get a huge rush of testosterone twice in their lifetime: First, while they're still in the embryonic stage, and, second, during the onset of puberty at around 13 years old.
The human males are masculinized not by the XY gene (alone) but, more importantly, by this rush of testosterone.
There are even cases wherein the male embryo's body does not react accordingly to the rush of testosterone therefore failing to masculinize the embyo's body. Thus, the person is born and it is only sometime, maybe years later, before he (the peson still has the XY gene) matures that the learns that he is indeed male. (Like what happened to the real person featured on the Discovery documentary and also to the fictional character in one anime entitled ARJUNA. :D )
There are cases wherein the opposite happens to female human embryos.
The female human embryo gets a rush of testosterone, thus, producing a masculinized body.
So there I was reviewing for the prelims when a of sort of sudden "feeling" set in. Have you ever had that "feeling"? When all of a sudden it just kicks you and you're like this, this, person in rut.
Good luck to us all having the Prelims!!!
(I gotta go now to my Lit Test that started 10 mins ago!)

Friday, January 14, 2005

Thank you!

Thank you to all who cared enough to TAG me! And to all who cared enough to read my, AHEM, un-updated BLOG, TY too. :D

I want to post something of relative relevance (huh?!) but I dont have the time due to pressures from a mammoth project, the research, and near-death deadlines for (yes!) the research.

So, there, I posted something again. At last!

Oops! gotta go! I'm twenty-five minutes to late for my "special" Arts Appreciation class!

Till next time! :P


Hon, thank you for revealing your BLOG to me. I really appreciate the trust. :) Je 'taime.

Monday, January 10, 2005

South Luzon Express Way

Slex is better now.

Evidence can be seen, and felt, that portions of the road have now been repaired.
Before, I used to wish that the road would be smoother, like how one would feel when he's on an airborne plane.

Pero ngayun, since naayos na, maganda na dumaan di tulad dati na puro lubak dahil sa makakapal na aspalto at mga bitak sa semento.

Kaso, sana di tinipid or masyadong tinipid ng contractor yung pagkakagawa kasi pag nagkaganon masisira lang ng maaga yung kalsada. Then repairs ulit gamit yung makakapal at pangit na aspalto.

Ayan naipost ko na! Matagal ko na kasing naisip na ipost yan eh!

Kudos sa mga nag-ayos ng Slex, lalo na sa mga taxpayer! :D

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Have you ever thought...

Have you ever thought that due to the recent tragedies brought by the Tsunamis, the Philippine tourism industry might just have some boost this comming summer? Or that the resorts in Phuket might not have lot of tourists for some time because the place would have to be rehabilitated for it to be suitable for tourists as it was before.

Anyway, that's just some of the things that I think of when I'm bored with being bored.


Saturday, January 08, 2005


May the wrath of Heaven fall upon the humanoid who jinxed me today!!!


I came to school early so that I may research for the 'tayutay' group assignment. But guess what happened. I entered a net cafe (the one near Lucky Chan at Asturias), got a PC, and started to search on the internet. But then, the internet, unlike in the other PCs, is not working. So I was told to switch on to the PC on my right, and I did, but then the screen just wont show up! So again I was instructed to switch on to the PC on my right again, and I did, but then, again, guess what happened?! Yup! You're right! It didn't work as well. Slightly frustrated, I waited for some 3 minutes to see if the person in charge can fix things, then I left.

I was almost going to give up but I decided to give it another try so I went to Mom's net cafe. And guess what happened?! YES! It didn't work.
Another person is in the net cafe and apparently she is not having difficulty whatsoever with her net connection. And so is the person in charge.

Both of them comfortably clicking their mice.

So now I'm here at the University of Santo Tomas Library venting my anger via posting this!

*very deep sigh*


May the Good Lord Bless me, you, and everybody else today, tomorrow, and forever.

Have a great day!


I feel better now. :)

I hope that my 11am prof arrives later than I...
Gotta go!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Plane Take-off at 5:20 am.

The Cebu Pacific plane bound for Iloilo left at 5:20 am today, the same time that I was having my breakfast (really early breakfast!).


Kung ang Iloilo at Maynila ay di lang sana miles apart.


I wish you were here...

Ang tanga ng nagmamaneho ng nasakyan kong jeep kaninang umaga!!!
Ganinto nangyari:
Pagkasakay na pagkasakay ko ibinayad ko yung P10 na barya. Tapos, wala siyang sinukli kaya naghintay ako kasi baka wala lang siyang barya. Nung nasa bandang Lawton na ako may nagbayad tapos ibinigay na niya agad yung sukli kaya nung nakaakyat na yung jeep sa tulay papuntang Quiapo hiningi ko na yung sukli ko. Sinabi ba namang P5 daw yung binayad ko! Sinagot ko na nagbayad ako ng P10 barya sa PWU. Pagalit siyang nag-abot ng P5 barya. So Ok na... akala ko... Pero nung bandang malapit na kami (may isang commerce student na nakasakay din sa jeep sa iyon) sinadya niyang ilampas kahit pinara na namin siya ng maaga tapos binigla pa niya yung pag-preno kaya "medyo" hindi naging maganda yung paghinto.
Ginawa ko pagbaba ko sinabi ko sa tonong siguradong maririnig niya, "Mama, medyo dahandahan naman po!"
So there, ampangit ng simula ko ng taon papuntang school.
Pero hindi dahil sa pangit ang simula (few seconds lang naman yun) pangit na hanggang matapos.
Right?! :D
Speaking of panget moments, the evening part of January one turned out bad.
But that doesn't mean that the rest of the year will be bad too! Right!
The beginning of 2005A.D. turned out well for me and my family after all!
So to all you people, dont be discouraged if things are or appear to be unwell at first. Because the little unlikable moments are just tiny, itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, almost always insignificant fractions of the PRECIOUS TIME that GOD bestowed.
Time that God wants you to enjoy and spend productively.
Oh well, I'm "blabbering" again. :P
I hope that the TagBoard Message Board go back to its functional state soon.
I also hope that the people suffering from the tragedies, though it may sound almost impossible, have their "normal" lives back.
Down with those who engage in food fights!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2005


I hope that this year will be better than the last... as what every succeeding year should be. :P

Happy New Year, Months, Weeks, and Days ahead to all of us.

Marami akong gustong makakwentuhan sa pasukan!

Miss ya all!

See you on Monday. :D