Friday, December 31, 2010

Maligayang Bagong Taon!

Good morning and have a Happy New Year ahead! :D

Start saying good bye to year 2010.

I'll pretend I'm having an episode of mid-life crisis and ponder on what happened during this year, what I had given, what I took, things that I had done and things I wished I didnt do, wished I did, what I did often, places that I had been to, people I met and wished I didnt meet (if any), what I wished I could've done more often... etc etc etc.

Thank You, Lord, for this year that is about to welcome the coming new year.

Thank You for making me stronger this year. Though there may be weak moments, everything worked out well at the end of the day. Lessons were learned. Practiced what I used to preach. Stood for who and what I knew as right.

Continously learning that keeping what and who you have is harder that striving for what you used to not have.

25 years from now hopefully I'm 25 years wiser, if not more, or alive. Hahah!

I dont regret the things I did. Well, the greater majority of them. But as what the song might say, they're too few to give more attention to.

I always wanted to change my blog's years-old description but I cant get my self to do it so I'll leave it as it is for now.

When I was a way younger I said, "I'll get married at 25." I not married now. I'm still 25. I'm not single. I feel maligaya and masaya and I thank God and my most beloved, my family and friends, and my self for this.

I still plan on being sort of retired by 30. Five years to go!

More than 12 hours to go at GMT+8 before 2010 officially ends for me! :D

2010, you are a year like no other and that's what you only have in common with all the previous years. You are here now. You will be remembered.

Love life!


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