Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A legitimate reason to wear leather boots...

in Manila is if it's raining or a typhoon is raging.

With that said, I pray for those who lost their loved ones in this storm and may there not be another casualty (one was reported but who knows who else).

I saw a man sleeping along the road earlier. How many of them might still be sleeping along the streets of Makati and how many would wake up today. There is a woman who frequents the Ayala FGU and GT area where she sometimes sleeps every night. When will I have the courage and compassion to approach her and ask if there's something I can do to help.

I was thinking of posting something more about the coming Italian film showing at the shang this month but the above dampened my mood...

I guess, I'll do what I can do to live do what I can to help people live while I can.

Love life!


When you are being tentatively offered/challenged to take something that you know in your heart that you do not like and will not learn to like, even if in everybody else's eyes would be considered a promotion, will you take it? If there are no other variables to consider like urgent need for more income that would more than compensate for the reason you wouldn't take the offer under normal circumstances, being tagged an underachiever, etc, will you take it?
I guess you know what you want and dont want. Good for you!


Thank you, Lord, for keeping my family and beloved ones safe all the time. Thank you for watching over my Mom even when she travelled home while Juan was on it's way toward the mountains in Northen Luzon. Thank you for the life that we have today. Amen.


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