Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How are you blog? Missed me? I've been thinking of you for quite a while now. When there's the whole hoolabaloo about the supposed failure of elections. When our city's current mayor is claiming victory even before the official declaration from congress is made public. How I badly wanted anyone, just anyone, to win the vice presidency as long as it's not our current mayor. But then if he did win, it would be good for makati. I just wish he doesnt run for the highest position in the land.
I thought about you when the election was ongoing and I had to take a leave just so I wont have to work that day, thinking that no one should be made to work on election day unless you are one of those who are supposed to work even on New Year.
I thought about you when I had some time off from work and wanted to share the things I did and had fun doing. :)
Notice how the words "off" "work" and "fun" were used in a sentence. So sad isnt it. I wish I could do the things I love/d doing. If money were not an issue right now, I would have done things my way and I might be happier and probably feel a little more fulfilled right now. Probably up a mountain somewhere breathing the fesh air or giving lectures to people eager to learn more about thier culture or on a stage hearing the applause of an audience or on a beach, drunk. But then, there are several things that are the way they are because of things that happened and because of them, I wouldnt exchange the past for a different present. :)
There are many things though that I wish I've done differently, I wish I could've been more experimental, more liberal minded in my younger years particularly in college.
I wish I didnt sell myself short when I applied for a job one time.
I wish I have the time and the person to tell these to.
I do have the people but sometimes neither the time nor the chance or the moment to tell these to. Tragic that I have to resort to you, blog, to tell these. But then, in a way, it's my me time, right? Appart from the time that I spend thinking, and introspecting, and thinking some more, you, blog, give me the chance to express myself in a way different from talking to a person or talking to self kind of thing.
I thought about you when I thought of having a (drastic) change of career. But then I'd rather keep some of work thoughts off of you. I wouldnt want you to be contaminated, too much. And also, if blogs and the real world were still too much of two different worlds, I would have shared more about these so called work related thoughts. :) But those would be of more use when shared with people who are in the know of how things are in a work setting.
I miss security, response, recognition, and new experience as far as work is concerned.
I love my life. And I still want to share what is good with others.
I wish I could dance some more. I miss dancing.
I miss doing something with blind abandon.
And yes, I havent informed you yet, my hair is long now. :) It's so much longer than the hair of that long haired dude in TMZ.
I just hope it doesnt get in the way of me geting the career that I want or that's meant for me.
I wish the neighbors wont sing using the karaoke when Im around. ever.
Im happy that Noynoy, obviously, won.
Between Mar and Binay, it's makes me think about choosing between the devil that I know or the devil that I dont know.
I'm so looking forward to what we would starting July.
I dont think GMA would be held accountable though for the things people think she should be accountable to.
Thank God Im not as much of the self righteous person that I used to be.
I know that I might be prone to road rage.
I always wanted to have a business. I will have a business.
I hope to be more fit. I am fit but not fit enough right now.
I have needs. And those needs are being met. Ok let's think of other things shall we.
My head is aching. No thanks to those neighbors and their blasted karaoke.
I love reading Ambeth Ocampo. It's a breath of fresh air for me. Takes me back to those years when one is expected to be like a sponge and more.
I wish I have more time to blog.
I know that the moment I publish you, there's more that I would think I should have added or proof read for grammatical and spelling errors.
But then, que sera sera. :)
Till next time, blog. :)

Live. Love life.

Those lines feel more real now than before.


Blogger dabo (or david) said...

this is a real nice entry.. i wish time and good fortune to be on your side.

7:21 PM, June 15, 2010  

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