Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I wish everyone gets to watch the movie Avatar

I wish everyone gets to watch the Avatar in 3D.
The beauty and message of the movie is simply profound. One may think of its story as timely and somewhat socially and politically relevant. The thoughts and intentions behind the characters' actions, the clash of cultures protrayed, the wonders and horrors that technology and nature may bring, the possibility of becoming the best or the worst of one's self - these and more in one movie that was reportedly 14 years in the making with an estimated $400M production cost.
I cant wait to see the day when I can watch this movie again and again and share it with other people at home with our very own 3D glasses.

Aaaah... Just watching that trailer gives me the good great goosebumps again.
Will not stop convincing my Mom until she considers watching it!


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