Saturday, June 27, 2009

Earlier's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Metal gore and robot wars...

(The next best pics to one of my fave scenes)

Too bad all today's slots in IMAX were booked. We didnt bother to ask if tomorrow may have free slots nor the following days. We can't wait anymore. The conventional screen may not be as great but it doesn't matter, what made the experience great was the 2.5 hour movie itself and the presence of friends. :)

Part 1 had a permanent impact on me especially when I saw them transforming before my eyes for the first time, like watching Astroboy the movie when my first memory of anime is Astroboy. Part 2 reinforced that moment and it even made me see how my friend experienced something similar when he saw the Constructicons transforming. :D

And of course her royal hotness is smoking as ever. But none in the scenes earlier outdid that car repair portion of part 1.
One other thing, Revenge of the Fallen had more humor in it. :D
Yey! Transformers earlier, now waiting for a friend's Pochero to get cooked in another freind's house before probably going out later for this Saturday night. :D
Ahoo! Ahoo!


Blogger Herbs D. said...

still. transformers one is so much better than the second.

8:11 AM, July 02, 2009  
Blogger parteeboi said...

it was full of slap sticks, but generally i liked it.

11:44 PM, July 02, 2009  
Blogger Nobe said...

i still have to watch it this saturday, so until then, i will not read any spoilers or reviews. ehehhee.


9:52 AM, July 03, 2009  
Anonymous Movie Blaster said...

Agree with herb! Somehow the first movie's story was better. However, I think the effects on the second one was better.... I hope the 3rd movie on 2011 will be the best! :)

2:18 PM, October 02, 2009  

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