Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama, the first African-American US President

I turned on the TV and then I heard the cheers before I realized what people were cheering about.

(And oh yeah, I retract what I sent via text (brigade) message: Obama's not Muslim. His father is. Not that that matters, really.)

Some mixed reactions from people I texted when I spread the news:

"Talaga? Nagbotohan na?"

"Talaga? Salamat sa balita."


"Is this true?"

"I know right"

So how will this affect:

those in Kenya?

How about those in South Africa?

The starving children in the Afican continent? (Where is the biggest diamond mine again?)

Let me hear... Indonesia? China? Japan? North and South Korea? Russia?

The E.U.?

Slovenia? (joke)

the neighbor/relative who's applying for a US visa? (Hahahahaha!)

Middle East Asia? (Let me hear Israel)

How about Darfur? Oh yeah that's in Africa also.

The BPO industry? (Think call centers here in the Philippines and in India)

Anyways! Four states havent declared who won in their state yet, as per CNN a few minutes ago.

Those news channels havent got more audience since Pope John Paul II's demise and Pope Benedict XVI's election, right? (Oh yeah. There was the supposed US recession.)

There's going to be a wave of blue in the Washington by January next year.

Wow... the dynamics of politics...

Im wearing blue on my way to work now.


At the end of the day... whatever happens somewhere, whatever someone says... will ultimately affect someone else somewhere else.