Wednesday, July 09, 2008

July 12, 2008: Friends disappoint you when you least expect it

Thank G*d I can still type considering I just had half (or less) of 700 ML of vodka while drinking with my female friend. There you go! capital M and L instead of ml. Dont care! shyet. My conscious mind still is winning over my uncaring carefree self. I cant even kiss and tell here. I cant tell where and who gave me a *BLEEP BLEEP* and how it was like to *BLEEP BLEEP* her. And I still can keep track of my spelling and all that shit. F*ck! I just remembered that I hate it when I encounter things like "good guys turn bad" or something like "go for the bad ones because the good ones turn bad later" from "women." F you. Bitter bitches. Joke. I do have female friends who got hurt by pigs, not "men," becaus real MEN know how to treat WOMEN properly. Hay...... Life is too good to spend too much time brooding over the bad things. At sana walang ma-turn off dahil sa ako'y masyadong honest at walang takot na mag post ng mga BLEEP words dito.


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