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July 3, 2008: Let me tell you something about life...

... from another 22 year old's point of view.

*Very random (joke) and somewhat another free-writing post (no joke).*

A person always has more to offer - No matter how simple or meek s/he may be. S/he may just be hiding his/her real strength and potential for all you know. Just so you wont feel threatened or somewhat belittled.

People may really care even when they present themseleves as aloof and uncaring - It's probably because they think that it's for your own good or just maybe because they're afraid of being tagged as weak. Weak because they show their "soft" side. What they dont know, either because they're afraid to admit or just plain fail to realize, is that it's more courageous to show emotion, MOST especially for MALES, in a society where showing emotion is equal to being weak. Real MEN know when to show emotion. (To society: please don't raise boys into dysfunctional robots.)

The female mind is very fascinating, if you haven't noticed yet.

MadTV is everybody's excuse to play around with racism and all that is taboo in most societies.

Like what my college friend, Erika Lyn, once said, everybody just want to be accepted. I'd just add now: by who? Let's try to choose who we may want to accept us. Because not everybody is willing and not everyone is worthy of our un/conscious efforts to be accepted. :)

Happy is the content. And so is the ignorant. Yey to the first. Boohoo to the next.

And I wish I can post more "let me tell you som... oh yeah.

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the other is gold

Do not be afraid to meet new people, either in real life or via the web's wide world. And that though there are times when you feel let down by people you have met (in real life or otherwise) and just when thought you already are having a good time with them when suddenly something happens, or you do/say something, that recreates the divide that had been there before the connection (real or imaginary)... rest assured that you were not the only one being unpleasant.
Remember that you also have had your share of patience, in silence or otherwise, during those times when you feel your sensibilities are not considered.
Let me tell myself that people have their own pace at particular stages in their life. Pace at trying to know people and pace at getting comfortable with certain individuals. And at one point, we get lucky when we happen to get that so-called connection considering everyone has a unique pace.
Enough metaphysics. Joke.
Just because it looks easy, it doesnt mean that it is. ;)
When in the workplace, it's nice to see happy people doing what they were tasked to do. Unfortunate are those who dont see the benefits of being surrounded by happy colleagues and try their bestest to make everything a tad bit more difficult. Thank God I'm lucky to have the colleagues I have now.
Just because they are police, or in a male dominated profession, and that they are female, it doesnt mean that they're lesbian.
Just because they are manly males, it doesnt automatically mean they are straight. Same goes with the girly males, it doesnt necessarily mean they are gay.
Just because I'm 22, etc etc etc, I cannot determine that one is probably the only child of both first-born parents, that one is suffering inferiority/superiority complex, that one is so caught up in the so-called non-essential, that one deludes him/herself of being better than most, that one is closet straight, that your country's queen b may be a super witch capable of summoning rains and thunder storms on rally days (scheduled or not), that that that that a blogger such as myself can go "too far" with his posts. (Well atleast Im no Brian *BLEEP* Gorrell *had I spelled his name correctly? I dont care* who makes blogging a more local news worthy material for primetime TV)
(Yey. My friends in UST wont be ashamed of me atleast. I still have that responsible "journalism" thingie in me. I wont just share issues on sex sex sex and more sex here or scandal scandal scandal or spread fabrications etc without consideration for whoever may come along and hurt their sensibilities! blah.)
Still... Nothing beats real, live, human to human communion of souls, a.k.a., plain good ol' talk about whatnot.
Brent, 4:52 am na, matulog ka na.


Anonymous Abby said...

I like this one:

"Let's try to choose who we may want to accept us. Because not everybody is willing and not everyone is worthy of our un/conscious efforts to be accepted."

I agree. Apir. ;]

1:33 PM, July 03, 2008  
Blogger Jake Tornado said...

You may be 22 but you sound as if you've been observing life for 50 years. This is very insightful, especially about "manly males being not necessarily straight.". Were you referring to me and my partner? Hehe.

3:32 PM, July 03, 2008  
Blogger kaiz said...

i wanted to be accepted back then.

but now, hell cares. ;)

7:18 AM, July 04, 2008  
Blogger Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

@Abby: *sniff* I think I'm gonna cry... Really. Naku... apir nalang! Apir Abby! Apir! I miss you dearie! *hugs!*

@Jake: OMG! Thank you, Jake, for making me 28 years OLDER!!! And, uh, I wasn't thinking about you and Doc.....and are you saying you're not straight?!?! Joke! :D I was thinking about people in general not excluding me - I "deluded" myself of being bi-shounnen when I was in college and I'm also the type who fears not to play around with his feminine side so some peeps think and say I'm gay. I still get pissed off... recently though I have ceased to care most of the time. "hell cares" sabi ng ni Kaiz. Let them confuse themselves! Wahahah!
Jake, I wish I can recognize you when I stroll along B.F. High Street again. And if Im luckier, I may see Doc and Shania too! Right, Attorney? :)

@Kaiz: Kaiz! Dearie! Kumusta ka na?! Last time I saw your blog you were promoting something about moutaineering! Time too take a look at it again... And now Im back and realized you have created an independent Blog profile from your actual blog! kewlness hotness! Hugness!

Basta, bata pa aku. ^__^

3:20 AM, July 05, 2008  

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