Monday, May 05, 2008

To be or not to be... Back to the dark side or not?

Welcome back to the dark side, Brent. (Evil laugh in the bg. Plus fire and lightning streaks. Plus roaring thunder.)

Hah! You wish... But I almost miss you though... Even after all these recent years of being as good as I can be...

I once lived that life... Not so very good for the tweener that I was... should have been way too out of my league for that age...

But how bad was a bad Brent? What was a tweener capable of doing? Benz, just in case you see this post... I haven't told you even half of the story. ("Ok. What story?" I can almost hear you say.:D I wont delude myself about me telling you a story. Very vague and details-lacking "story" it was. :P ) And I'll probably bring the rest of it to the grave with me. :) Uhm... My life as a tweener has nothing to do with incest/bestiality/murder/gang rape or any of such just in case some of you may get ideas. Haven't gone that far. And thank God I haven't. Or it may have been the land of no return for me and would have been this age's living Hitler. (Needless to say this blog may not even exist and it would take Brent to kill Brent as it took Hitler to kill Hitler.)

Isa itong magulong post.

It's sometimes interesting to be not good all the time. It's quite tempting for me to go 180 and radically change.

But then again. Why be bad when being good works well. Why not be bad... again. It may be an ultimate fulfillment of the "New Experience" in the 4 human needs: Security, Response, Recognition, New Experience.

But then again, as Kitin wisely said, If you do something you dont usually do, it won't be new for there are already people doing it. (But then this time it would still be diferent for it would be me doing it and not the usual doers. It would be like, Mother Theresa, bless her soul, doing Polpot's job.)

Yikes. Magulo ang post na ito pero wala akong pakialam. It's my blog. (Which reminds me about blogging for blogging's sake.)

hay... 5:09 am na. Wow... 3:57 on the post time there... Took my time to let this post to stay just as it is before clicking on "Publish Post."

I should give my body some slack and have a decent sleep for a change...

G'nyt gmt+8 world.

May you never see an evil 20+ year-old me. ;) Wait till I'm 30+. lol


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