Friday, February 29, 2008

Present and Former Student/s

After taking my renewed NBI clearance, thinking about processing my clearance for SYKES Asia later, and while waiting for Nina for the next 2.5 hours so I can finally give my long overdue gift for my first and only God-daughter, Avi, here are some random thoughts, more or less, while looking around the Royal and Pontifical, Catholic University of the Philippines:

What are their dreams?

How idealistic are they?What goes on in their heads right now? An exam? A grade? An annoying/wonderful/sexy professor? The upcoming graduation this March? The job/career that they're about to have in the following month/s year/s?
What life awaits them outside the four walls of the university?
When will the time come when they realize that their dream will never or had just been fulfilled?
OMG. They look so young. Was it really just 2 years ago when I was like that lanky, long haired, lad?

Wow... the UST Main Building...
"This land was donated to the Dominican Friars years ago..." according to my Filipino Prof.
The first earthquake-resistant building en las islas Filipinas.

Wow there’s another new University of Santo Tomas bus!

So Fr. Lana’s not the Rector anymore…

This yearbook’s heavy!

I’ve never seen wall climbing done here during my time! And different kites and frisbees!

G*d! It’s so cold Im shiverrring!
Would that girl find me strange and rude if I ask her what’s her painting about?

Did I just hear the surname of one of my former prof mentioned by that AB student sans the "Sir?!"

I miss being a student… more worries then but they’re all manageable. And they’re all for the sake of higher learning. You had no choice but to keep on learning.

"I’ll never let schooling stand in the way of my education." Whoever said that first, I don’t remember.
After almost two decades of non-stop education/schooling, right after graduation, provided you’re not immediately going to take an M.A. or pursue Law or Medicine, I found myself in a state that I have never experienced before. What would these students do when they come across that situation?

Thank God for my brother! Im still not left out with the issues going on in the academe.

Nina invited me to join in the rally tomorrow… er… later when the sun’s up. I cant go as of this moment. I don’t feel like making an irrevocable stand yet.

Oh G*d not again. I need a breather that’s why the free writing and yet here I am blogging about THAT issue again. (Brent, stop.)

To all those hot or cool headed Filipinos who want GMA out right now:

Okay, just for this time, imagine that GMA is out of the palace before her term ends in 2010.
Who will take her place? Easy. Our Constitution dictates that the Vice-President takes the place of the President. (Tell me that you geniuses sincerely want him there. I don’t have anything against Vice-President Noli de Castro but come on!) Anyone who takes the place of GMA, just in case, before 2010 aside from Noli is unacceptable.

Why not make all these issues serve as permanent lesson to each and everyone of us so that come next election we would all, from the lower-lower to the upper-upper of the socio-economic pyramid, be wise enough to choose the best Presidentiable, vigilant enough to be able to safely guard our ballots, intelligent enough as early as now to, once and for all, work for a credible Commission on Elections.

Any better ideas out there?!

I hope that at the end of the day, we’ll be happy and content when we tell ourselves: we have the government that we deserve.

God, help us.

I so miss being a student!


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