Monday, February 18, 2008

It’s because I care.

Just because I belong to the middle class, notorious for being jaded, uncaring, irresolute, with political colors of ROYGIBIV, and uncooperative to the call of the times, it doesn’t mean that I don’t consider the idea of actively participating in a possible mass exercise of freedom of assembly just to show how we should react to the gross acts of corruption and graft by people who betray the tax payers’ trust.

Just because I just submitted my letter of resignation last Friday it doesn’t mean that I can now bad mouth the account, much less the company, and expose its faults to the whole wide world of the web. Though a possible impact may be minimal, it would be nothing short of showing ingratitude and lack of consideration to the company’s reputation.

Just because I don’t have anything to do that is related to work and I can just sleep all day, it doesn’t mean that I can now enjoy the luxury of excessive free time and let myself just do nothing. I already read all the interesting books, magazines, and encyclopedias at home, watched all the interesting movies on CDs DVDs and tv shows, updated my self using the news with the economic and political situation of my country and exhausted my mind on thinking about almost about anything… but why do I still feel bored?!?!? It’s probably because I presently lack new experience. (Remember a person's needs: Security, Response, Recognition, and New Experience)

Just because I have earned lots of great friends for the past years, it doesn’t mean that I can have them beside me when I want them to anytime I want. Some of them have work while those who don’t have jobs at present are too far away or are too preoccupied with the people they’re in a relationship with. I just have too much time right now and it’s very unfortunate that I don’t have someone who has the same amount of free time to spend it with. I mean… I need just need someone to talk with! I don’t care if you’re a total stranger and can only speak French! As long as we can communicate and you’re not a serial killer, it’s fine with me!

Just because I have the "freedom" to do what I fancy doing, it doesn’t mean I should just go ahead and do it. Sometimes there are people, sensibilities, and possible adverse outcomes that should be considered.

Just because I’m single and like I already said, have much free time, I can succumb to moments of weakness and just do whatever. It’s because I care for what is unforeseen and may be.


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