Saturday, January 19, 2008

Non-stop booze...

Been going out atleast once or twice every week since the Christmas holiday.

Been in the Makati Central Busniess district the other night with a female friend for some drinks, just the two of us and a bucket of Red Horse. Didn't dare have another bucket... Im beginning having trouble seeing my navel when at the cubicle.

Been to Malate last night with another female friend and danced all night. I never knew Weng-Weng was great! Never mind the "sipa"! Masarap talaga!

The result: a growing beer belly and breakout everywhere!


Prior this I'd been so health conscious and all that now is down the drain.

Have to reorganize priorities and watch out during supposed Rest Days when Im most tired, but at my happiest.

Now where was that HipHop Abs video again...