Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm at Another Crossroads

I'm in another pivotal moment in my life where things aren't as settled as they were. It's like graduating in college. You know where you want to be but you're not sure if fate will let you get there no matter how much you wanted to.

Dont leave a good party just because you think you'll have a better time in another.--- Well, I'm not enjoying this party anymore, if ever it was in the first place, and I've seriously decided to leave it no matter what.

I'm willing to leave all that I cannot bring with me, at this very moment if I'm given the assurance that I'll end up where I want to go to. This place where I am now used to be much but now it just demished itself to hardly anything at all.

I've learned a thing or two though and those are the priceless tidbits of experience I'll carry with me. If I can just carry all the friends I have made with me.

Brent... I'm crossing my fingers for you and I'm praying that you get your target.


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