Sunday, January 14, 2007

I must be one of the proudest kuyas alive at this very moment.

Daddy just bought a Casio electric organ for my younger brother's music project. They're supposed to play one of High School Musical's song and bro's the leader.

And minutes ago, just after around an hour with it, he can play Canon.

I mean, I was saying something like, "Ows. Naka ano yan e," when he showed me what he was doing. But when he shook his head and lift both his hands and the music stoped, I think my jaw dropped. He can actually play!

I'm very proud of him.

He's the personification of my frustration when it comes to playing the piano. I remember when, more than a decade ago, I was a very small kid and I've wished for having an electric organ. It never happened when I was a child. I told my brother that too. And now, that my interest for playing the piano have wanned considerably, I'm very happy that we now have an electric organ, more so because my brother can play music with it!

I guess it's time that I rediscover my interest for learning how to play the organ. *sigh...*

This feels really good... I even blogged about it.

: )

Good night to you all!


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