Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Feels Like School Days' Back!

It rained before I woke up that evening and I cant help but reminisce about the good old days when I used to go to school...

("Good old days" myself. It was just last year!)

Hay... I was actually... smelling the air that night and remembered the good and the bad of going to and being in UST during the rainy season. Heheheh. Anybody who was in España after a not-so-heavy rain will understand where I'm coming from.

But thoughts of flood aside, I just love the trees and plants around the botanical garden when they have those droplets on them...

Aw... Now I suddenly remembered those two animes that I used to watch in ANIMAX: Get Backers and Chobits. They both have good rain scenes. Rain sometimes make people happy. (Now where did that last sentence came from?! I feel like a schizo editing his own work along the way)

Hay... got to go and sleep... work tonight... :D


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