Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost Unbelievable First Times in an Unbelievable Span of Time!

Too many things have happened since my 22nd Birthday.

I'll be in lazy mode and enumerate:
1. Shopped for bodyfit-type clothes I've never thought I'll ever buy and wear.
2. Went to the gym.
3. Colored my hair light brown when it was 5 years ago when I colored my hair blonde.
4. Joined the Cheerdance Team for SYKES Asia Manila One and won along with great people.
5. Went to Baguio after deciding within 2 minutes. Stayed there for 1.5 days and went back to Manila straight to work.
6. Had my first facial. It was more painful than I imagined.
7. Got drunk with hard drinks for the first time. (I easily get tipsy with beer but never, er, almost impossible with hard drinks.)
8. Bought a teddy bear for a girl that I'm not even courting. Seeing her happy was more than enough to make my day.
9. Rendering daily over times as preparation for a long term financial investment by the end of 2007.

I've been wanting to blog more about the aforementioned but never had the time or the motivation to do so. Perhaps I will someday.


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