Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I'll miss you 2007. Welcome 2008.

A lot of pivotal events for me happened last 2007. Many realizations and demons that I never imagined I would face. I've never been braver in facing those so-called issues that were thrown at me, either by other people or myself, than I was recently.

I have no big regrets. The regrets I have are mostly because of other people when they don't give their all and they're dealing with me, dragging me down with them.

Many lessons learned just when I thought I have nothing more to learn and no more reason to grow.

One of the things I learned is that even those people close to you, some of them that is, will judge you, stay blind, and stick to their opinion about you no matter what you do to prove them wrong.

I realized that I don't owe everybody an explanation especially when they're not willing to have an open mind to really understand. Opions matter only when you give them importance. My opinion is one of those that should matter most to myself. Just keep an open mind and be receptive to possibilities.

Found lots of new friends and finally accepted that some are just not willing to become one of those new ones. Kept that elementary school song "Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold" alive.

Like attracts like indeed. Will keep on repelling those that will just wear me out or drag me down.

Although I can almost give all the love in the world, there can sometimes be just enough love to pass around.

I still love books. And will continue to read them. I never thought I'll be experiencing some sort of "reading withdrawal" symptom when I dont have something to read. Hahahahah!

I miss the atmosphere of the academe. I'm still pondering on how I can be an active member of the University circle without becoming a student again or being one of the faculty. But, as they say, teaching is learning twice.

People change. Some people change fast while some change slowly. Some people change for the better while some change for the worst.

I changed fast for the better last year.

I already miss 2007...

I bought my own land. Hah! Unlike most Filipinos who grew up here in the Philippine culture center and seat of power, Manila, I always dreamed of having my own house and lot before I imagined having my own car. Now I have 4 hectares of land in the province of Isabela that already has some mango trees and a new fishpond to raise Tilapia. I do hope that the land remains mine as I still have to pay for the balance. Im on my way to financial security and freedon from the ladder of the corporate world. Well, I'm a technical support representative in a call center so I may not be "technically" in a corporate rat race but there's still rat race.

2008 will be a lucky year for those who were born under the year of the Ox. Im looking forward to more great things and events this year!


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