Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Isn't living life to the fullest mean making the most out of what it hands you?"

And make something to hand yourself and others too!

Now I know why my friend, Ria, loves Gilmore Girls back in college. Watched one episode and it was nice. "Isn't living life to the fullest mean making the most out of what it hands you?" or a line that sounds like that really struck me.

That will stay with me for a long long time........

I had been reading blogs again lately. Been widening my horizon some more. And along the way I felt proud, thankful, curious, sorry, envious, realistic, enlightened and felt like doing some introspection again.

I remembered our Sociology Professor, Pepin Aguilar, at the University of Santo Tomas telling us that we, being students and dependents of our parents that we were, are not the "mayaman" or the one who were rich, but our parents.

(Of course I dont belong to that category because my family's not financially "rich" per se. At that time, she was sharing how her family was ran by their Chinese father who was also a producer of movies.)

I also remembered that realities are different to each of us. More often than not also, most of us have the oportunity to make the most of what we have right now.

During my blog reading never before was I more in touch with what I want and felt like needing to uphold and give utmost importance, the almost forgotten things that I realized at a way younger age.

I still want to be the clan head.

If not the clan head, atleast to lay the foundation for something that would make me immortal.

And what would make the chances of making me immortal more probable than giving some sort of a golden parachute to every single kin for generations to come.


Blogger curbside_puppet said...

you're a fellow thomasian! wonderful!

7:22 AM, January 21, 2008  
Blogger Ria Hazel said...

gusto mo pahiramin kita ng buong gilmore girls season 1-7? LOL

4:24 PM, January 24, 2008  
Blogger curbside_puppet said...

you really like ma'am pepin! too bad, she never became my prof! si sir tobias naging prof ko sya twice para sa socio.

2:36 PM, February 12, 2008  

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