Monday, April 07, 2008

What are priceless and beautiful in life: Talisay

Knowing some of the people in Talisay, Real, Quezon and already liking them enough that I actually felt sad just at the thought of going home.

Almost drowning in Balagbag falls after trying to help a drowning friend and having the two of us being helped by Jason. Hahahah!

Jumping into the waterfall while thinking in midair: "Why am I not touching the water yet… what am I doing here… what did I put my self into this time…?" all in less than 1 sec and remembering it.

Eating seafood one long banana leaf! Without spoons and forks!

Sitting under a waterfall and just hearing the sound of rushing water… and finding tiny snails and crabs in corners…

Having bonfires, singing, telling stories and just drinking lambanog till I fall asleep on the sand, under the full moon and a blanket of stars with the sound of the waves in the background…

Having a darker shade of tan WITHOUT the sunburn!

Knowing people like Jason, Jolo, Jobert, Jeffrey, Jean, and MJ, whose real name is Juanito, Andy and our good hosts Tita Ludy with her husband and their chilren: Noise, Nice and Holiday, and being thankful for making Talisay a life-long experience.

Being lucky enough to have High School friends like Arlene, Sheena, and Jelda, bring me there.

I would like to go there again in May when they celebrate Mayuhan. The people of Talisay will be the organizers this year!


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