Sunday, April 27, 2008

What vulnerable? On Friendster?

Im lazy so here's a copy-paste straight from my friendster:

Im a half Ifugao, half Chavacano, farmer wanna be.I grew up in a family surrounded by family and relatives speaking Tagalog, the Mayoyao-Ifugao dialect, and english, forcing me to learn at a young age that to trully speak a language, you have to be in that language's attitude.

It's a pity that I haven't mastered my Dad's provincial language, Chavacano. The closest thing that I came to understand Chavacano was when I had Spanish I and II in UST.


Im the the type who:

asked the "Where did God come from?" question before entering nursery school

remembers what it was like to be happy when his baby brother was born when he was five

learned the meaning of the word "talkative" when my Kindergarten adviser told my Mom about
me being talkative.

had asked friends in grade five about his flaws so he can improve them

is stanger to the feeling of being hungry until his growth spurt during high school

used to be fat from grade four to first year highschool before started getting taller in 2nd year, having the perfect body in 3rd year, and being lanky in 4th yr

dreamed of becoming a doctor and an actor

had been striving to get the body he used to have in 3rd year H.S.

vividly remembers his first nightmare in Isabela

not older than five, upon someone's suggestion, wondered how a hot stone almost has the same feeling as ice when you have your bare feet on it

used to be suffering from colonial mentality

have had the joys of reading Adarna books

used to read the books of Og Mandino

used to be a college student and had the arrogance to believe that we were the greatest people on planet Earth

(thought about putting something here about my two clans but decided to keep it to myself)

likes the "it goes without saying" line

believes that material possesions are trully owned by the one who worked for it

used to have lots of teenage angst

is no stranger to hatred for hatred's sake

realized that some of the best advise I can take are also the best advise that I can give when I'm not currently in that situation

used to have this as a Friendster About Me statement and decided to keep it---"I need to save in order to gain. Made a feasible financial goal that will be met before the this year ends. God, everyone, and me, suppport me please...

1. I gravitate towards people that I know I would like and would like me in the long run.
2. I know my limitations and, at 22, I'm still discovering my potentials.
3. I want to trust in the highest power that I'll find the piece that would make my puzzle complete."

I'm the type who wonders if people like me are endangered as I always receive the skeptic eye and more of the statement of "Really?" when I share things about nothing happening when I slept at a friend's house or when I went to Quezon to have a great time or that time when... *BLEEP* was asleep and *BLEEP* and me were tipsy and still awake.

It goes without saying that assuming too much about the ambigous line prior this is quite misleading.

I continue to do simple things that avarage people would normally avoid doing just because they're afraid of what people they are usually surrounded by may think or say. (Like the 2 lines before this.)

Im the type who wonders about going to the mountains and living like a hermit or becoming a motropolitan bohemian only if I weren't as responsible as I have let myself become.

Im the type who's not afraid to share that he's at a friend's house eating Cadbury and drinking Baileys while typing this down and thinking about blogging about it on his blog and adding that tomorrow he'll be in another friend's house sharing his life experiences and introspections.

It also goes without saying that this About Me portion, like blogs, is never enough to share everything about me. That's why they have that "Describe Who You Want to Meet" below so that people you would like to meet can meet you and know about you.

And that's the end of the friendster copy-paste.

I hope that when it rains again, it only happens 3am-5am. :)

Cheers! (I remember the times when I always included cheers at the end of my every post... Guess it was 2005 then... ^_^ Cheers indeed!)