Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 1, 2008: And so the countdown begins...

Today is the 1st of July...

And so the countdown begins...

(Ria, dearie, please don't roll your eyes again. You know me when these days come... 0_O Please tell Mela, dearie, what I told you... ;) Well, I know you will because "you know you love me. xoxo")

To self: Remember this post a few months back... Well the weeks since the last post before this was... well... let me say if you titled that January 1st 2008 post "I'll miss you 2007. Welcome 2008." then combined experiences in that span of time, if you were to blog all of it, collectively, should be titled: 'Everything is a first time' or 'There's a first time for everything.'
There is a first time for everything... Good or otherwise, worthwhile or not... everything taught and still countinues to teach a lesson or two.
Basta sa sobrang dami ng nangyari... wala na oras para magblog.
Like what I said in my chatbox once... too busy with life to blog.
Basta, nothing, not even blogs, can ever ever fathom how simple/complex or happy/sad life can be especially when it is being celebrated.
Life is for the living, dearies, as I read in this Friendster profile.
Isa pa pala sa mga natutunan ko at naisabuhay ko parin naman sa gitna ng lahat ng mga nangyari: Be honest.
Be honest especially to your self.
There are few other things that can make you feel as light or as free when you know in your inner heart that you are honest with your self.
(Im now talking about "inner heart" here... Gai-jin by James Clavell all over again.)
Anyway, Brent, yeah... and so the countdown begins... :)


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