Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A promise to self...

... broken today when I stayed awake until the sun went up.

Or was it? It wasnt an official "promise." I just told myself, I'll try to sleep earlier so I can wake up earlier.

I'll try again tonight. I was able to do it two straight nights before today.

Had we not only went out to the after shift thingie... gawd, it's only Tuesday! But it was a great night nonetheless. Well worth staying late. :)

Situps again when I wake up later... If only I haven't developed a taste for beer. Red Horse/Strong Ice. San Mig light... yeah... Pale Pilsen? Agchkpt! That last one's just not for me.

I want my flat tummy back! Well... not that it's "big" right now it's just... wait. I dont owe anyone an explanation on this except those of my friends who commented, "bakit parang lumalaki ang tiyan mo?"

Anyway! Im happy I'd be meeting my friends, Ria and Carmela on the 20th of this month. AND perhaps just for kicks try to meet in the city of Manila. :P (The future imperial capital, not just of the Philippines, but of the world. Buwahahahah! Now there goes my little megalomaniacal dream... down the drain just because I posted it here. Tsk. Not!)

Live well dearies!

And remember, never to start your sentences with "and" or "but", I mean, never believe in the bad things. It may just come true. Instead, believe that bad things, such as a great earthquake that's supposed to hit Manila on July 28, 2008, will not come true.


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