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July 5, 2008: Shyet di ako nakapag blog kahapon, July 4, 2008!

Shyet... July 5 na...
At the back of my head though I can almost hear Ate Magda, my dearest cousin in Zamboanga, who once told us that we should be thankful when another year comes by because it means God gave you another year to live.

Now why should I be reminded of that?!

Anyways... Sayang talaga... I told myself I'll blog everyday hanggang... :P

Makapag code switch nga in one sentence para mas di maintindihan ang posts ko ng mga di nakakaintindi ng beloved Tagalog mother toungue.

Feeling ko naman may foreigners na magbabasa ng post ko? Ganun! Libre ang mangarap dearies. :)

Ay i-translate natin: So I'm deluding myself of the fantasy that foreigners would be reading my post? Really! It's free to dream, dearies. :)

I'm still contemplating whether I should stay at home, or anywhere near home, or should I go with my friends to Talisay, Real, Quezon for the weekend again. This time with more of my friends' friends and without going into another storm like Frank. Well... as I check the time, 4:33 am GMT+8... I still have less than 6 hours to decide...

My family won't disown me... yet. Would they?
I've been into weekend sleepovers for the recent months like crazy. I feel guilty when I remember texting/calling home just to say I'm about to sleep somewhere in Sta. Mesa, Manila again, or in Pasay, or on my way to Quezon again, unwittingly going head-on with a storm at that time.

Now that I think about it thanks to Bernard's, my seaman friend whose birthday will be on the 15th this month, text message a while ago... I may just go. I'd love to see how the other dear family who had been our host is doing especially when that damned storm, Frank, destroyed their house overnight during our last visit there.

That's it. I may just go. I'll just try to test the waters later if I'd feel bad vibes when I mention Quezon... :P

Good thing my family is not very worried about the not-so-strong presence of the NPA there... Or they may just be good at keeping it to themselves. Yeah. Most probably the latter, based on recent experience. (Oh God, I pray that no attributed-to-the-AFP-disappearance happens in Quezon and after I post this.)

I just remembered I wanted to post this one down... Everytime I go home, I almost always get to see this elderly man selling balut. I used to buy balut from him but my ritual became more of going by the bakery to buy iron nails, duh, bread.
So one night I thought why dont I post something about contentment because when I saw him here are the things that went through my mind, and I'll try to put it in order of appearance:

(Btw, I said mind because what goes through/within the head is blood, not thoughts. The same goes with the head down there.)

1. When I reach the same age as him, I wouldnt want to be in the same situation.
2. But how can I be sure that he havent had a good life, I mean, better days?
3. How can I be sure that *delete*just*delete* because he sells balut, he is not living a comfortable life.
4. What if he has trully lived, a.k.a. been wild and good and done everything in between, and is still LIVING, his life? What if he had been there and already done that and he is just contented and trully happy with his present situation.
5. And isn't he sweet/nice/a true good citizen for sweeping the egg shells around him?
6. And at this point I may have thought a whole lot more at then...

Hay... maraming pangyayari sa buhay at paligid na masarap ishare sa mundo... It's just that I dont have a Blackberry or gadget that I can post them with.

En ingles/tagalog: Oh... many things happen in life and everywhere that would give me the simple satisfaction of being able to share with the world... Kaya lang wala kong Blackberry o gadget na magagamit para maipost ang mga yun.

Basta na touch naman ako sa nakaraang post ko at nagcomment ang mga tao na di mo maexpect na magko-comment. Well, sabagay... you really can't tell for sure who may just drop by and leave a comment on one of your posts...

Pero shyet. Iba parin pag may kausap kang may sense in real life... over coffee... Well Im no coffee lover but I'd go for a nice chat while having my favorite Strawberries and Cream in starbuko (yeah I din't say Starbucks there because I didn't want to) while the person Im talking to can have all the caffeine s/he wants.

Kitin said "That is so gay!" when she heard me ordering S and C and I think I said or thought "So what. I like it." Then when green tea came out it became my 2nd fave. Most people I know dont like it maybe because of the grassy/leafy taste. Hahahah! But I like it still.

Thank God I (still) have high metabolism.

One time Kitin said if there'd be a food shortage, she'd still be alive and sitting pretty living off her stored fats while the rest us, high metabolism peeps, waste away fast and die.

But golly... I have to cut down on booze... My size 30 jeans is starting to squeeze me... (And I used to wear size 32 at 12 years old)

Yeah. Dont kill me. I knew how it was to be fat. And I also know how it is to be thin with people telling you to eat more. At one time I'm like "Yeah! I eat more than you think." and the next I'm like "See! Now you're asking where I put it all?"

I've also had my shares of "Baboy! Baboy!" shit when I was a youngER and "Why are you so thin?! What happened?! Eat more." lines repeated again and again and still yet again from concered dearies even until last Summer when I went to Mayoyao, Ifugao.

Oh God... The sun is already up again. I'll probably stay awake till I finally decide whether to go or not to go to Quezon today. I can hear cocks crowing. Let's make that roosters crowing. (Hahahahah! Reminded me of the "year of the cock" instead of "rooster.")

Anyway... Brent, you may just go. It's already 6:28 am. Less than 4 hours to go before you finally decide.

Have a great, meaningful, weekend dearies!

Live and love life!


Blogger Papisels said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:30 PM, July 05, 2008  
Blogger Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

Dear papisels,

I hope you see this comment from your trully. :)
Thank you very much for dropping by. I want to drop by your blog sana to see a post, if you have one, or atleast send you a thank you email. Kasi naman I think it's rare that you find a person who like green tea frap and has a guy friend who likes strawberries and cream TOO and also happens to have read your post! I mean, what are the chances, right?!

Also, if you understood "kasi naman," then you may know Tagalog and you are probably Pinoy/Pinay, if not, it doesnt really matter.

Basta. Thank you for having a comment here. :)

Btw, I'm now suspecting that you may be one of my HS friends... But nah! Only Kitin is the blogger among them and I doubt she's you... OMG. Nah. You're not Kitin. Are you, papisels?

3:50 AM, July 09, 2008  
Blogger Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

shyet typo. na-OC ako right now. I meant "*from yours trully" anyways. Hehehehe.

3:51 AM, July 09, 2008  

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