Wednesday, July 09, 2008

July 9, 2008: Another Relatively Strong Earthquake?!

Two weekends ago, the damned storm Frank struck my beloved Philippines when I went to the Quezon province.

Last Weekend the first earthquake hit parts of Luzon with the epicenter found in the Quezon province. Just yesterday another quake tookplace here in Luzon (and southern Japan).

Next weekend, if I were to grant my inner-circle's wish, we'd go to Quezon and this time the July 18, 2008 "prediction" would happen.

Nah! That's Bull crap.

Unless "collective consciousness" makes itself real again this time.

And I was initially thinking of posting something today that would prevent that from happening assuming collective consciousness or whatever contributes in making a so called June 18, 2008 thingie come to pass. I hope that what I'm doing right now doesnt betray my reason for posting this in the first place.

Magulong post pero la ko pake. Basta.

If someone were to tell me that the (imperial) capital of the Philippines is about to experience a great earthquake like it never encountered before in writen history, I'd say, "really? How many would die? Will I die? If so, then what's your purpose in telling me if I were to die innevitably on that day anyway?" Then he'd say, "because by blogging about it, and through the chain of events that would follow, you'd be saving more people than if I havent told you." Yeah right. Parang butterfly effect ba or sound of thunder or the killing your grandfather theory I once saw on the Discovery channel or or or or stop.

Hmm... That made me think... If I were to die on that day, would I consider myself ready to go? No. I'm not yet ready to go. Too many dreams to fulfill and too many potentials not yet realized. If I were to have it my way, I'd probably even seriously aim for immortality at one point or something like it.

But as society always find out, youth lost is a tragedy.

Shyet. May araw na naman. 5:45 am na.