Saturday, December 26, 2009

To the one who knocked down the Pope

You should be thankful it's the year 2009.

Had it been during the Inquisition, may God have mercy on you, that is if you're not declared excomunicado and burned alive at the stake.

Had it been the late beloved Pope John Paul II, I would have been immensely angry. Yesterday I just found my left hand form a tight fist while watching the footage again and again on BBC.
Pasalamat siya at hindi isang spiritual leader ng ibang relihiyon o political strongman sa Maguindanao o Benguet ang tinumba niya kung di bitay ang parusa sa kanya.
That incident, hopefully, would make the Vatican security ever more vigilant. We dont want another tackling or, mush less, a shooting incident to take place like what happened to the previous Popes.
May the badly injured French Cardinal recover.
On a lighter note. It's a weekend! :)
Happy weekend!
Pacem in terris.


Blogger Herbs D. said...

being the usual bitch that i am, i was laughing at how ridiculous it all were. totally made my day.

12:54 AM, January 18, 2010  

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