Saturday, January 08, 2005


May the wrath of Heaven fall upon the humanoid who jinxed me today!!!


I came to school early so that I may research for the 'tayutay' group assignment. But guess what happened. I entered a net cafe (the one near Lucky Chan at Asturias), got a PC, and started to search on the internet. But then, the internet, unlike in the other PCs, is not working. So I was told to switch on to the PC on my right, and I did, but then the screen just wont show up! So again I was instructed to switch on to the PC on my right again, and I did, but then, again, guess what happened?! Yup! You're right! It didn't work as well. Slightly frustrated, I waited for some 3 minutes to see if the person in charge can fix things, then I left.

I was almost going to give up but I decided to give it another try so I went to Mom's net cafe. And guess what happened?! YES! It didn't work.
Another person is in the net cafe and apparently she is not having difficulty whatsoever with her net connection. And so is the person in charge.

Both of them comfortably clicking their mice.

So now I'm here at the University of Santo Tomas Library venting my anger via posting this!

*very deep sigh*


May the Good Lord Bless me, you, and everybody else today, tomorrow, and forever.

Have a great day!


I feel better now. :)

I hope that my 11am prof arrives later than I...
Gotta go!


Blogger /iambrew said...

Argh! Sucks I know. But hey, at least you got to post this one. Wit baby! Ahehehe...


12:07 PM, January 09, 2005  

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