Monday, November 22, 2004

Family Tree

Have you guys ever thought of tracing your, or your family's, ancestry? Of making a family tree?

Like most Filipino families, the two clans that I belong to have this wide distribution of kin that only a few of the adult memebers of the family knows who came from whom and how somebody became my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th cousin/aunt/uncle/grandmother/grandfather.

And to think that my Lumayna and Francisco aunts ang uncles are no less than 10 siblings in each family.

Beacuse of a HUGE clan, I learned some interesting things:

That there was even a case wherein my cousin has to break-up with his girlfriend because they later found out that they are cousins...

That the descendants of the renowned anthropologist Otley Beyer are my relatives on my mother's side.

That there are three Francisco clans known in Zamboanga, (the one I belong to)Francisco-Gaytan, Francisco-Francisco, and Francisco-?.

That there odds of winning the elections is better if you have your HUGE clan voting for you.

That if I start to write down my family tree now then I just might not have to ask my mother all the time if this or that person is a relative or not.

But then... I'm too lazy to do that... I guess my descendants would have to do it for me... someday. :D


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