Saturday, October 09, 2004

Wow! Earthquake!

I was analyzing the puzzling question given to us by our WorldLit prof, Mr. Devilles, when suddenly my aunt said, "The house is shaking."
I felt that it was weak, atleast for the first five seconds, then I can feel it sway the house already. The aquarium's water was moving.
As I was about to go out to see if our cats have gone berserk, I heard the sound of the chimes overhead even though there's no wind. It just shows how "mobile" the house was then.
I looked outside and saw that the two cats were calm. That gave me some consolation.
I heard on a documentary that if pets act weird while the world is in "a state of calamity" then bad things are happening, or going to happen.
Just like what happend in Kobe, Japan before the great earthquake. Pets have gone missing in unusually great numbers days before the actual eartquake took place. The other pets also had the attention of their masters when they displayed a noticeably strong urge to go outside the house moments before the ground shook. This behavior saved the lives of some people.
Last night's earthquake really got my attention, maybe because it's one of the three that I was really aware of. One was the 1990 earthquake, when me and my classmates were in our classroom when I was in nursery. Another was when I was waken up due to violent motions one early morning in HS. Last night is the third.

After the shakes I woke my brother and told him, "You missed another earthquake. You slept through it again." :D


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