Thursday, September 02, 2004

Safe, The Notebook, a Pageant, GTO (and something about the Moon)

It's now safe for me to say that my aunt is out of danger now. :)
She was just operated as preparation for her dialysis.
She's really lucky! Despite the 12-hour drive from Mayoyao, Ifugao she hang on until she was injected with sugar at the Kidney Center. Imagine, it was really a life or death decision for the people involved... well its a complicated story and I think I have already revealed too much of my aunt's life for me to expound. ;)

We just watched "The Notebook" last Wed, Sept 1.
It was a nice movie, well... a tear-jerker that almost jerked a tear out of me. Almost :D
Well about the story... it's about ah... *Ahem* Well, I'm not really gonna give any details at all because that would be a SPOILER for everyone! better watch it yourself! And better still watch it at the movie house. N0-to-piracy advocate huh? :D

The pre-pageant for our college's "MR and MS Ideal Artlet" was held this afternoon. And boy! was our classmate's performance great or excellent?!
He sang this song that definitely topped off the whole pre-pageant!
Kudos to Abraham Dacles!
If, by some reason, he were to lose on the talent portion, somebody got to give me a thorough explanation.

I just remembered that the Moon last Monday was beautiful... It was a full Moon I think. I saw the moon lately and it was a brilliant golden yellow... I havent seen it tonight yet but if it's visible tonight I'll surely will.

That's all! :D


Blogger marion said...

ee-chan, congrats that your tita is now safe.. i wish for her fast recovery.. ikaw, ingat ka din!!

12:37 PM, September 05, 2004  
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