Wednesday, August 11, 2004


We just came from UP Dil. There, we watched this old movie entitled Insiang. Upon arrival, before we came down from Nina's car, I almost felt strange. We were the only people in uniform, save for some of our classmates who already are in the theatre. It reminded me of our prof's warning the previus day, "Pag andun na kayo sasabihin ng mga taga UP 'Oy highschool o!'".
Luckily, nobody did that. At least I didn't hear any.

By the way sorry but thanks to the people whom I gave the inconvenience for waiting for me. People I swear that I left home early enough to arrive on time, if not before, but this idiot owner of the FX was caught by the LTO Officer and it took us more than 10 mins before we left the place. Then later the owner decided to take the route within Forbes Park. Bad move! Because we got caught in VERY HEAVY TRAFFIC! I was already mumbling curses on my seat! I was already way behind my schedule! Then I finally arrived at Taft Ave. where I rode the FX en route to Espanya. Another lucky FX driver! When we arrived near Morayta I noticed that he wasn't moving! Remember that I was already behind sched and that at that time Carmela just called to ask me where I was. Soon after that Nina texted me and said, "Brent after 5 mins, aalis na kami." That prompted me to get off the FX and ride a jeep for Dapitan! I arrived at last and saw them obviously irritated by my tardiness... Thank God they didn't leave without me! So, after a couple of sorrys and excuses, they forgave me.

Special thanks to Nina Euvimil! If it weren't for her, I would have stayed in school till my 3pm class. And also to everybody else who waited patiently for me!!! Thanks guys!

I promise to do my best so that this will not happen again.


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