Tuesday, August 10, 2004

one of the best nights...

First of all I would like to inform all of you that Im a neophyte at writing blogspots.
This is my FIRST TIME at making my own.

So right now I appologize if you find my spot "amateuric" of some sort. But please dont lambast my first "creation". :D

This weekend's nights have been the best nights I had so far! No pending projects. No assignments. No nothing.Nothing to do but watch TV all day long and catch those rare siestas I had been not having the past months.Plus I had this really, rare, happy dream. It left me feeling elated even after I woke up. Its wierd actually... If you care to read on, read on. First of all I would like to inform you its not one of those "malicious" dreams that some of you might be having, or wanting to have. Its more like a kiddy dream. Like one of those dreams that, though wierd, almost gives you that smile on your face. Its the total opposite of nightmares that I occationally have. Ok so here goes...

I was in a vehicle. I dunno what kind but what I know is that I was on my home.
I think so because I percieved the place as the place where I usually pass by, the boarder between Global City and Makati.
I was looking on my right.
Then I saw the strangest thing.
Instead of concrete and steel that composes the road and nearby buildings,
I saw a feild, one of those softly flowing hilly waves of feilds that you might always see on the backgrounds of feel-good cartoons.
Then I saw grass, or what appears to be grass.
But it wasn't green colored grass.
I saw a feild dominated by colors of green and blue.
Although it wasn't the colorbands of the rainbow, that is how it impressed on me.
It was as if a rainbow was on the field.
Later, or at least what I remember doing next, I was outside walking
puffing air into a balloon.
And the ballon was the same color as the field.
The elongated balloon flew up, (although now I realize that it shouldn't since its supposed to contain carbon dioxide instead of helium or hydrogen), and as I watch it fly
I felt elated.
It was euphoria.

Thats all! heheheh... :D


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