Monday, August 23, 2004

On Hopelessness, Fruits Basket!, Arjuna, and motion animation.

Looks like we won't be having any medals this Olympics... at least that's what I heard on the radio on my way to school this morning. *sigh*

The headline on some broadsheets this morning warns us about a possible RP economy crash in 2 years.

An economy crash like what happened to Argentina.

for more info go here:

*deep sigh*

Now that I started with this kind of topic, I can't think about something else that would uplift my sinking mood...

OK! There, I have some!

Thanks to Abi for lending me her "Fruits Basket" VCDs!!!

It's a comical, heart-warming, philosophical, fell-good anime that I'm very thankfull for being fortunate enough to watch! (huh?!) I can't even stop the opening song in my head right now!
Abi na e-LSS ako!!! Ahhhh!!! (*...let's stay together itsumo...*)

I havent finished all the episodes though. I only watched up to the 12th and I'm now very excited to watch the remaining episodes!

Arigatto gozaimasu Abi-chan!

Glaiza Marie!!! (heheheheh)

I wasn't able to watch Arjuna last night!!! Wahhhh!!! Tamang-tama pag uwi namin ng kapatid ko after maglaro ng Gunbound na realize ko na 10pm na pala! Nilipat ko sa Animax pero huli na ang lahat!!! Betbackers na ang palabas! huhuhuhuhuh...
Sabagay replayed na rin naman yun.

Yung last episode nalang naman ang na-miss ko dati at kaylangan kong panoorin next Sunday. :D
Hindi ko na talaga mami-miss yun! Baka ikamatay ko. (O.A.) :b

This is the day that I pirated a motion animation from somebody's Prendster signature...(thanks to Lionheart_03KnightJoined: 02 Feb 2004Posts: 400Location: beato Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:57 pm Hope that you, or somebody else, don't sue me. :D

That's all. Till next time!


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