Thursday, August 19, 2004

On weather, test, and timing.

I noticed that yesterday was one of those pleasant days. The noon sun was typically hot but the overall temperature wasn't. The air was unusually cool, it didn't bother me to ride a jeepney at 1:00pm. Usually I ride the jeep during that time of the day when the destination's near, when I dont have money, or when its raining. The weather was pleasant since there were drizzles from time to time. about "being one" with your suroundings!

At last!

We just finished our preliminary exam in Experimental Psychology.

I dunno if im gonna have a high score or not. Probably not. But I hope that my grade wont be dissappointing. I did study after all. Last night and this morning.

Well, now about the 'unfinished' part...

Talk about perfect timing!

Just when I'm really ready to tell sir Z about my chosen topic, he gets sick and misses the class for today. : (
I'm not blaming him for anything though. Nobody really wanted to get sick anyway!

Its just that I was really expecting to tell him today so that I may know how he will accept (or reject...again) my proposal.
Oh well... talk about life's twists and turns.


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