Thursday, August 12, 2004


A few minutes ago, Carmela, a friend of mine was treated with malice and disrespect. Some frat people in our university gave this unflatering 'GGRRRR!' sound while we were passing by, obviously intended for my friend. Offended by the act, and unmindful even though they were a group, I loudly commented "sabi ko sayo dapat nag suot ka ng jacket e." to my friend. She was wearing this sleeveless pink top together with her black pants.

A few steps away my friends told me that I shouldn't have done that. I replied, "fu** them." pertaining to those people. Later, they told me that when it comes to frat people, those kind, I shouldn't act that way, explaining that those people can gang up on me and probably beat me up. Carmela also added that she was worried with what I've done.

To top off the conversation they said jokingly, "Baka mamaya makita ka nalang namin sa diaryo 'Newsman Makes News'", just like this article written by Nick Joaquin about Rod Reyes. The difference is he came out of his immersion unscathed unlike me ending up in a sorry state.

With all that they've said, I feel a pang of worry. I realize what I just did. But now while putting this down I feel a bit good about myself. I was able to stand for my friend. The move might be quite stupid, I know. Right now I am worrying a bit for my sake already.

But I have this attitude that when I feel threatened the more that I wanted to test if something will really happen to me. Im thinking about passing by that strip of this university agian and agian to see if they will do anything. I dunno, I guess its my way of testing fate or something. :D

OK enough with that.

Now about my 'disappointment'. At our class in Literary Journalism we were given an individual project and were told to write down our two proposed topics. I thought about the topics: "Balut Vendor" and "Fried Chicken Vendor". The first topic was considered by our professor as "Too mundane". The second topic was, like the first one, rejected. So now I'm left with thinking about a topic that wouln't be rejected. By the way, I proposed another topic entitled "A normal day in a working-student's life". He rejected it again. My proposals were rejected THRICE! I was disappointed. If that's the definition of how I felt then.

A while ago I was thinking about a topic regarding censorship on works of student-writers in our university, or if that were to be rejected, how about families living in karitons near UST, or about students who shifted into another course and faced the consequence of their choice. If these were to be rejected... what can I do, but think of another topic.

So to you who is reading this, please give some advice on what topic to tackle. Thanks!!!

For the mean time my first academic priority is my feature writing article regarding escort service. There are three days left before the submission. Humm... That would be more than enough time for me.

Till next time!


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