Wednesday, August 18, 2004

On Smallville season finale, hopeful proposals, and GetBackers.

Yesterday at 8-9pm on Studio23, I watched the exciting season ender of Smallville! There, it was shown that everything Clark's biological father planned is one by one coming to pass.

Here are some of the exciting parts...(Warning! Spoilers!)

Chloe, the student-journalist friend of Clark, together with her father went into this mansion-size house that was supposedly given to them by the FBI for their protection since Chloe testified for the prosecution filed by Lex Luther versus his father, Lionel Luther.

But after going in, after they closed the main door, the whole house exploded.

Lex was at home shown drinking a glass of whiskey. Apparently satisfied with the court's decision to execute his father.

But after he drank the whiskey, he fell on his side, apparently in some sort of pain. He was poisoned.

Everything mentioned above was shown in slow motion with a classical background music for the effective added effect. Everything happened while Lionel was having his head being shaved off his hair as preparation for his execution. Finally he said "Thank you" to the man who shaved his hair, a perfect timing to the unfortunate fate of Chloe and Lex.

In the cave, where the mysterious Kryptonian inscriptions were discovered, Clark was being persuaded by his foster father, Jonathan, to not go into this glowing ,sort of teleportation, door. But Clark was stuck between either choosing not to follow his biological father, Jorel, but lose Jonathan in the process or follow his biological father and be transported to somewhere he doesn't know.

Clark chose the later.

At the final part of the show, Clark was shown being sucked into the door, like what happens when one gets sucked into a blackhole, then later he was shown naked (not the pornographic image you might be imagining) within this, signature diamond shape Superman sign, bluish light carrying him up into the sky.

All these happened while Clark's mother stepped out of the house, went to the nearby field, and saw the sudden appearance of a huge Kryptonian inscription created by fire.


I now have two proposal for my project that most probably wont be rejected by sir Zulueta!

proposal #1: Winning the Battle Against Cancer
proposal #2: Good News: Fare Hike

The first one is about my ninang who overcame her cancer last year. The second one is about a jeepney owner's life, his family, and how the recent fare hike affected his family's way of living.

Getbackers really never failed to give that wonderful feeling everytime I watch it. Last night, on the continuation episode, they completed their assignment of obtainning the lost arms of the Venus de Milo. But then they lost it. When their boat was sinking due to a bullet-hole, Ginji unwittingly threw it in the water. Another episode was about Ban getting back his pride that he lost against an old crook who outwitted him years ago.

By the way, I highly recomment this show to you all!

That's all for now!


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