Sunday, August 29, 2004

Life(a new perspective)

Recently, I have found a bit of solace from doing things that I dont usually do.

When I entered puberty,(whatanentry!) I found myself somehow reluctant to do household chores. Before, when I was little, I always enjoyed helping in cleaning the house and doing stuffs like that.

Last Thursday I think I rediscovered that lost feeling.
Something happened last Thursday at home that resulted to me doing some household chores. I became in charge of, most of the time, washing the dishes, which I was reluctant to do before, cooking rice, which I dont mind doing, and tidying up some things that I might feel needs attending to.

In the past three days I discovered a few things:
1. It feels good when I do something productive.
2. I don't want to be told of something I'm already planning to do.
3. I cooked sinigang na bangus for the first time! I cleaned, descaled, and cut the fish. I prepared the other ingredients (with a some help from my bro and dad), and I cooked the meal all by myself.(with some help and instructions, respectively, from the two guys)
4. Productive chores provided me solace instead of me pondering on how fruitless, futile, and pointless my life is.


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