Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wolves, "teachers", and PRESSURES...

I've watched the final episode of Wolf's rain OVA last night...
That was my second time since the last time I watched its OVA marathon on Animax.
Well I wasn't as sad (no wait! that's an understatement! 'depressed' is more appropriate) with the ending as I was when I first saw it. The ending was well... (SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER Start!!!)
........................................tragic. But the end was justified. I dont want to give more details since it seems that I've given much anyway. :D
(End of spoiler...)

GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka, was shown in Animax last Tues Sept 7 at 11pm.
I really hope that it wasnt lambasted like what Animax did to other Animes when they applied the english translation! I guess I'm just lucky that I wasn't able to watch it. T_T
I can't bear to see one of my fave shows to be degraded due to poor translation by incompetent dubbers...

Me and my classmates are experiencing mental turmoil and extreme pressure from tons of projects!
Magazine sa Layouting class.
Magazine sa Newspaper Management class.
Magazine sa Feature Writing class.
At ang pinaka kinakabahan kong Literary Journalism project...

FRIENDS AND CLASSMATES! We can do this! We have to... :D

That's all!


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