Monday, December 06, 2004

Sun, Sea, and Sand in Subic (part2)

We woke up the next day... I mean around 9 that morning, we arrived at around 1am. All of us took a bath and left at 11:30 for the Sunday Mass.
Tulad ng binanggit sa blog ni Ria Hazel, nakakatuwa yung chimes sa mga puno sa (duh...) labas ng simbahan. After the Mass, we went to Ocean View where we waited for the rest of the people (and the FOOD!) to come. Carmela went back home to do some things while the rest of us stayed.

We have changed already nung dumating na yung pagkain then, guess what Ria and I did, we headed straight for the sea! Mga hayok sa tubig alat! (And to think that I wasn't supposed to swim... Sorry Mom.)
The sun was burning (and so was the sand) but apparently I was having temporary heat insensitivity, probably due to the numbing effect of the Joy to be in sea water again...

After some time I left the water to feed myself. Btw, Great food Mela! Then went back to the sea. Somebody said that the water wasn't that salty, I dunno... maybe.

After intervals of dipping/swimming and eating the food, an aqua-bike thing was rented for us to enjoy! Daisy and Jenny were already there by this time. Abby Lappay came later.

We got out of water when it was nearly sunset and walked along the shore while stopping once in a while to take pictures of ourselves with the green hills and the blue sky as background.


Then it was dark. We ate, a lot, and rested for a while.
Time for night swimming! Carmela finally joined in the swim and all of us was having a good time. :D Miss Birthday girl introduced her friends in Subic and one became particullarly very well acquainted with us as we are with him. He's ER. No, not Emergency Room. He's .a.k.a. Ernesto. (ala telenovela...)

We left at around ahhh... Sorry we almost lost track of... uh... time(?). Oh well, Ria told me just now that we left the sea at 9.

We were wet and tired but unsated... Ahum... So we went back to Mela's house to have some real shower. Then we went out again for the night market, then the fair (Wonderful cable car! it's my first time!Darn/exciting/deadly roller coaster... sayang di parin ako nakasakay ng ferri's wheel. By this time I was feeling the unimaginable great toll of sleeplessness and exhaustion... I WAS NEVER SO "TIRED" IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.), and lastly Gigolo. The last stop was, well, funny & annoying. Just read Ria Hazel's blog. :D

Then we went home (I was so at home there already) to have some "sleep".


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