Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Sweet-Bitter Christmas Eve and Christmas...

There, the title of this post just said my story. ;p

Oh well, those two days were wonderful(not to mention memory-filled)!

My mother came home from the province!
I had my Christmas Eve midnight mass with you-know-who (our first!) and while we were on our way home there were firecrackers and everytime they go BANG! it made her... well... hold me more tightly. ^_____^

etc... etc... etc...

Oh well, the bitter part is for me to keep. I would like to keep some for myself. :D

Those two days taught me that happiness can not only be found in things or even, sometimes, in events, but also in ourselves. Happiness is also how we perceive things that come our way.

(anlabo ko...)

Anyway! Advance Happy New Year to all!!!

Let us enjoy our Vacation!


Blogger marion said...

aww.... love and christmas go hand in hand... le sigh~ ... looooovvvvvvvvveeee~!!!!

9:05 PM, December 26, 2004  

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