Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's great to be among friends!

Ate out and watched Superman with Ria and Mela yesterday. I had been what... around 2 months before I saw them again yesterday. Been one of the best days of my life! Especially when I'm now spending my own money. I still live in my parents' house though. Our home. I love my family and I thank God for them.

Maraming salamat rin sa inyo Ria at Mela. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life!

Anyway. Yey! I now have my first pay slip ever! There are the "estate, car, etc." left to go!

I was happy, honored, humbled and thankful while I was walking my way home from the bank where I got my ATM card.
Happy because, of course, I finally have money that I can say is mine.
Honored and humbled because to earn that much in eight days is... well... overwhelming. Not that I earned a million Pesos or Dollars. It's just that it's the same amount that most people would work for half a month, if not more. And not to mention they would have to work harder, in poor working conditions, and etc. Unlike what in my case where I just sat there in the airconditioned room among good and lively people and participated in activities. I basically was having fun most of the time and I got paid for it!
I'm thankful because I have every reason to be thankful.
I was engrossed in my reflections and overwhelmed by the thought of that reality that I felt tears.
I promised then while on my way home that I'll make everything worthwhile and I'll treasure the job that I have.

(Hah! Bahala na ang broadcast media industry! If you don't want people like me who are, in one time, more than willing to work for you and had the cause of upholding the virtues of truth and justice in the workplace, then just go ahead. Continue the more or less mediocre methods of delivering the news. [I hope that by now you're getting the impression that this is not another "I" "me" post.] You'll never know the potential of the people that you rejected in exchange for the people you hired for some reason. I hope that they do better a job than we ever could because I know other people who, like me, badly wanted to get into broadcasting or investigative Journalism and are qualified. Good luck though to those who are qualified and managed to get in! Do a great job and bring Philippine Journalism to a higher level!)

Borrowed "One Hundred Years of Solitude" from the sweet girl who is also one of those whom we call the vets or veterans or what they call the tenured. Anyway, more can be said of her or what I think of her but then... This is public thingie and it might be unfair that she doesn't know I'm telling you people about her. Thank you sweet girl who is also one of those whom we call the vets or veterans or what they call the tenured!

I'll soon be 21 and... and... Well... It's great to be young and experienced in more ways than just what people usually expect of your age. I'm talking about life experiences and blah, not sex or whatever else in that field. Anyway...

I'm very happy I still have the gift of life and I'm making the most out of it, more or less.