Monday, February 22, 2010

The film "Invictus" and Live A.I.D.S. of U.P.

I havent seen a film for quite some time that made me think, made me feel as light hearted, and made me want to blog about.

I hope he gets to win the Oscar for his portrayal of Mandela.

I hope more Filipinos would watch the film Invictus.

I hope that the people who watched would realize and share the socio-political relevance of it especially now that we are in the campaign season.

I hope individuals who watched were not only entertained and amused by how sports have a unifying effect on peoples but also were able to see how sports, or a certain type of, particularly boxing, affect their sense of nationhood.

I hope that the people vote those who aspire to become leaders not because they are rich or supposedly pro poor, not because they have the political machinery, not because they supposedly have the blessing of heaven, or because of the legacy of their parents, or that they are experienced in politics, but because they have the right mix of character and personality to guide and lead this country.

I dont want Mandela to be my President, however, I do certainly hope to have someone like him who is legitimate and we can be proud of.

I hope for more films like Invictus.

I face hurt from too much laughter and constant wide smiles while watching Live A.I.D.S. at the University of the Philippines. I was great to have seen the performance this year after we ran out of tickets last year!
The lampoons were excellent! How I wish those can be shown on primetime tv!!!
Cant wait to watch Live A.I.D.S. next year! ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pebrero 14, 2010

Have a happy Sunday! :)
Happy Lunar New Year! ^_^
Enjoy your Valentine/s to/day! ;D