Friday, May 26, 2006

Drizzles that feel like a dream...

Posts by Jam and Badet that contain somethning about soothing rain reminds me of what I thought when the typhoon came last time.

Soothing rains make me feel good inside and induces nostalgia. Reminds me of the drizzles that feel like a dream. I guess you might not get it pero yun. ^_^

Drizzles that feel like a dream reminds me of good times, some of which are during when I'm in UST.


I'm humbled. It was good that I had that experience. I guess there's no better way for me to relearn and rediscover humility, in one of its forms, but through failure, by, according to a PS person, "not meeting the minimun requirement" for the position. And I'm not about to tell myself ano ba yan call center lang binagsak mo pa because I passed Ambergris but I didn't attend the training.

Yes Glaiza. We sometimes have to swallow our pride.
Congrats sa lahat ng mga may work na! :D

By not passing PS, I went as far as having my first drug test yesterday sponsored by Sykes Asia. :D

Saw that new Captain Barbell actor with his twin in Healthway at the Shangrila Mall in Ortigas while waiting for my drug test. While on my way, I thought that they might be require a blood sample so I had a leak before going to Healthway, thinking that maybe its urine that they needed. I later learned that it's indeed urine that they need. So I went out, bought a small C2 because they dont have the big ones, walked around, bought another C2, this time apple flavor, the first one was lemon, drank it all, went back to the clinic, sat down for a while and read The Alienist, the book lent/given by Kitin, and waited for around 30 mins before I tried to fill the container the female medtech gave me and embarrassed myself some more by not being able to fill it (this last part of the sentence keeps on reminding me of the pronoun "her"). I returned the half-filled, warm, container and she told me to leave it there. Argh. And so I went back to my seat, where that actor, whom my mother doesnt like because he looks like a devil, sat, and continued reading the very interesting detective book. After another 30 mins, I was finally able to fill it (again, the pronoun "her").

Hay. I called Sykes and asked if they recieved the result of my drug test. They still haven't recieved it but they'll call right away once they get it.

I hope they call me na. Ito na ang stage ng Impending Critical Moment.

Que sera sera! ^_^

Pagpalain tayong lahat!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Impending Pivotal Decision!


Yey! I can still access my BLOGGER account.

Btw, I was wrong about something in the previous post. It's not "jobless," it's the term "unemployed" that denotes to people who still havent had a job six months after graduation.

Hay... personal PRIDE is blocking the way... the image of Ma'am Arriola especially too... is blocking the road to partial, if hopefully not total, submission to exasperation and feeling of despair...

My G**!

Despair that would lead to... to... I can't even put it here.

I still hope I'm doing and will be doing the right thing because IF I still dont get hired by other companies before I get to the point wherein I'm already sitting in that lounge area, with the contract in my left hand and the pen in my right, ready to sign my alliegance to that company for atleast six months... I'm going to sign that contract with no regrets. After all, I did my best, I applied to the companies that I REALLY, BADLY, WANT to work in, and I waited long enough.

Besides, I'm still in my early twenties (OMG... I'll be twenty-one by July...) and there's nothing that other people, especially my friends in college, can say that I havent told myself already in my private moments. I am MY biggest critic before everyone else, well, aside from my family, of course.

Like what Doctoc said, sana matupad ang mga pangarap natin at, I would like to add, ayon nawa sa plano ng nasa itaas.

I remember a line from my expository piece in our last Filipino subject's Final exam. I was something like:

Maraming daan patungo sa tagumpay.
And remember, iba-iba and ibig sabihin ng "tagumpay" ayon narin sa sariling pananaw. Tulad nga ng sinabi ko dati, "sa makamundong pananaw, ang tagumpay ay nakamit na kung ikaw ay may kapangyarihan, kayamanan, o (at) katanyagan."
Peace and cheers to life and opportunities!