Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's a Beautiful Life!

It's a Beautiful Life!

I just remembered that dance song from the 90's.

And this one's something I always get reminded of earlier: You reap what you sow.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Moments In Life.

It's morning and you're alone reading the opinion page of the Sunday Inquirer in UP Diliman at one of the concrete seats in the Lagoon and then you hear a woman speaking in Chinese and see via peripheral vision to your right a man and you suspect he's carrying a camera. You look to your right and then think that he may not yet have taken a picture of you and then he asks, "can I take your picture?" Would you wear you glasses to take a better look because you're myopic and say, "what for?" And when he smiles and say nothing and instead look at the sky north-north-east of him using only his eyes and without moving his head, therefore making you think later that he kinda resemble a younger version of Jose Marie Chan, would you just let it be and answer nonverbally that he may take your picture while you resume reading you newspaper, therefore letting him capture the scene more or less natural and the same as he saw you earlier without your glasses on? And would you graciously say "you're welcome" after he appreciatively say "thank you?"

I hope (because hopes are more probable that wishes) that I can go to China and visit those areas near the rising waters of the Yellow river where people's lives are changing forever because of the completion of the soon-to-be biggest dam on Earth and do what the Chinese national (from mainland China or Taiwanese from Taiwan perhaps) did last Sunday while I was waiting for my brother to finish his UPCAT.

Thank you God for everything. I have a lot to thank You for. I also pray that You let him pass all the entrance examinations.

I believe I have received the karma of what I had been doing to a friend of mine. I knew then because I saw myself in my friend's shoes when what I had done was, probably unwittingly, being done to me. I feel now that the karma is over and I hope I'm right because I finally received an explanation of sorts from the person whom I consider friend, and want to become a very close friend, regarding why he's doing what he have/had been doing. I guess I lost a potential very good friend but who is still a friend nonetheless. I also wish/hope I could go to... lets see... the world's big and... Oh well.

I feel more at peace once again.

Need to sleep now. Good day wold! :D

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