Tuesday, August 31, 2004


My aunt was rushed to the Kidney Center all the way from Mayoyao, Ifugao. I really hope and pray that her condition would be a lot better this time.

(to be continued...)

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Life(a new perspective)

Recently, I have found a bit of solace from doing things that I dont usually do.

When I entered puberty,(whatanentry!) I found myself somehow reluctant to do household chores. Before, when I was little, I always enjoyed helping in cleaning the house and doing stuffs like that.

Last Thursday I think I rediscovered that lost feeling.
Something happened last Thursday at home that resulted to me doing some household chores. I became in charge of, most of the time, washing the dishes, which I was reluctant to do before, cooking rice, which I dont mind doing, and tidying up some things that I might feel needs attending to.

In the past three days I discovered a few things:
1. It feels good when I do something productive.
2. I don't want to be told of something I'm already planning to do.
3. I cooked sinigang na bangus for the first time! I cleaned, descaled, and cut the fish. I prepared the other ingredients (with a some help from my bro and dad), and I cooked the meal all by myself.(with some help and instructions, respectively, from the two guys)
4. Productive chores provided me solace instead of me pondering on how fruitless, futile, and pointless my life is.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Chobits and Wolf's Rain + Personality test

I was so ecstatic last night!

I watched the 1st episode of Chobits!!!

But this time it was dubbed in english.

And it was terrible!
The dubbers were not able to capture or justify the original emotion evoked by the original Japanese version!

At first I thought that the voice talent that did Hideki's voice was ok, but then, when scenes that required some more emotion came, the english dubbing wasn't able to match the original Japanese version!
The worst was when Chii keeps on stessing the "ch" on "Chii" instead of saying it the way the Japanese version did by pronouncing "chii" like "tsii".
Even Shinbo's voice sounded too inocent.
Poor dubbing... They should have hired Anime fanatics, like me, as dubbers.

Last night too, Wolf's Rain's ending was not depressing like that of the OVA's ending.
But I guess that wasn't the real ending since at the end of the show they'd shown the preview for the next episode and then it was followed by Animax's declaration of "This is the final episode for the season of this program."


Well, thanks to to Abi! I got this Personality test from her blog's link. :D
So this is what the test tells about me huh. Hum... what do you think? :)
Parang nasa boarderline daw yata ako ng sanity and emotional breakdown?! Look at the emotional stability result!

Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results
Emotional Stability50%
Social Assertiveness82%
Take Free 16pf based Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com

That's all! Till next time!

Monday, August 23, 2004

On Hopelessness, Fruits Basket!, Arjuna, and motion animation.

Looks like we won't be having any medals this Olympics... at least that's what I heard on the radio on my way to school this morning. *sigh*

The headline on some broadsheets this morning warns us about a possible RP economy crash in 2 years.

An economy crash like what happened to Argentina.

for more info go here: http://news.inq7.net/nation/index.php?index=1&story_id=6199

*deep sigh*

Now that I started with this kind of topic, I can't think about something else that would uplift my sinking mood...

OK! There, I have some!

Thanks to Abi for lending me her "Fruits Basket" VCDs!!!

It's a comical, heart-warming, philosophical, fell-good anime that I'm very thankfull for being fortunate enough to watch! (huh?!) I can't even stop the opening song in my head right now!
Abi na e-LSS ako!!! Ahhhh!!! (*...let's stay together itsumo...*)

I havent finished all the episodes though. I only watched up to the 12th and I'm now very excited to watch the remaining episodes!

Arigatto gozaimasu Abi-chan!

Glaiza Marie!!! (heheheheh)

I wasn't able to watch Arjuna last night!!! Wahhhh!!! Tamang-tama pag uwi namin ng kapatid ko after maglaro ng Gunbound na realize ko na 10pm na pala! Nilipat ko sa Animax pero huli na ang lahat!!! Betbackers na ang palabas! huhuhuhuhuh...
Sabagay replayed na rin naman yun.

Yung last episode nalang naman ang na-miss ko dati at kaylangan kong panoorin next Sunday. :D
Hindi ko na talaga mami-miss yun! Baka ikamatay ko. (O.A.) :b

This is the day that I pirated a motion animation from somebody's Prendster signature...(thanks to Lionheart_03KnightJoined: 02 Feb 2004Posts: 400Location: beato Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:57 pm http://www.prendster.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=149860&highlight=#149860) Hope that you, or somebody else, don't sue me. :D

That's all. Till next time!

Friday, August 20, 2004

On Olympics:DIRTY Boxing, and being medal-less

I watched the Olymimpics the other night where our Philippine boxer, Payla, lost to that dirty playing Uzbekistani boxer.

I really hate what happened then! It wasn't only an insult to worlwide spectators! It's an insult to us, Filipinos!

Imagine, Payla was being punched while being held at the back of his head by his opponent! And that idiot referee from Cuba wasn't doing anything at all!

The judges are also unfair! Even though Payla landed good punches on the Uzbek his score wasn't adding up!

Even the commentators cant help but be offended of the scandalous scene happening at that ring!

To prove it all to you, read, patiently, the following verbatim quotes (courtesy of Philippine Star) from the commentators while the fight was going on. Or you can just read the parts in Bold letters.

Analysts blast ref for lousy officiating in Payla bout
By Abac CorderoThe Philippine Star 08/19/2004

The boxing commentators at the Athens Olympics have done a good job in telling the whole world how bad officiating in amateur boxing could get. The commentators saw for themselves how the officiating took its toll on Filipino flyweight Violito Payla who lost to Uzbekistan’s Tulashboy Doniyorov, 36-26, Tuesday evening in Athens. Payla fought a great fight, according to the commentators, who sounded like Americans, but for so many occasions where he landed a good punch "did not get the credit from the judges." Cuban referee Fernando Pedrosa, they said over the television coverage, did a terrible job in trying to control the match where the Uzbek could and should have been warned several times. Or even disqualified. Midway through the second round, Doniyorov held the back of Payla’s head with his right hand then threw a left uppercut, catching the Filipino right on the face and knocking him down. It was just the first of so many "knockdowns" by Payla, not from a punch but from the Uzbek’s rough, dirty tactics. "It was terrible job of officiating by Fernando Pedrosa. I think we should rename this referee in absentia," said one of the commentators.
"That is the most appalling display of refereeing I think I’ve ever seen in the Olympics. Utterly inept. What do you have to do to get disqualified? There was enough reason to disqualify that guy and nothing happened," he added. "There’s Anwar Chowdry (the Pakistani president of world amateur boxing) sitting right there. Why don’t you walk down and tell him what you said," said the other commentator. "How many sports are there where you have the head of the sports association overlooking his own judges. Judges that he picked, judges that do not have to come back to the Olympics unless they do well. I can only think of one and we’re at it," he added. "From what I saw, It looked like Doniyorov was holding him with one hand and hitting him with the other. That is highly illegal. Payla was already off-balanced when he was hit. Payla has set a record for falling down here. I think he’s hit the canvass five times already and the referee is not doing anything," he said. The commentators were clearly disgusted with the Cuban referee whom they described too slow. "He’s kind of sleepwalking. And now the crowd is clearly behind the Filipino boxer. He has earned their respect," said one of the commentators. As the referee raised the hand of the Uzbek after the fight, he said: "There’s your winner. And I’m out of here." The Philippine Star 08/19/2004

Now that you know please spread the word.

We still havent got a sinlge medal (again).
I hope that we'll have, even just one, preferably GOLD, soon...

Thursday, August 19, 2004

On weather, test, and timing.

I noticed that yesterday was one of those pleasant days. The noon sun was typically hot but the overall temperature wasn't. The air was unusually cool, it didn't bother me to ride a jeepney at 1:00pm. Usually I ride the jeep during that time of the day when the destination's near, when I dont have money, or when its raining. The weather was pleasant since there were drizzles from time to time.

heheheh...talk about "being one" with your suroundings!

At last!

We just finished our preliminary exam in Experimental Psychology.

I dunno if im gonna have a high score or not. Probably not. But I hope that my grade wont be dissappointing. I did study after all. Last night and this morning.

Well, now about the 'unfinished' part...

Talk about perfect timing!

Just when I'm really ready to tell sir Z about my chosen topic, he gets sick and misses the class for today. : (
I'm not blaming him for anything though. Nobody really wanted to get sick anyway!

Its just that I was really expecting to tell him today so that I may know how he will accept (or reject...again) my proposal.
Oh well... talk about life's twists and turns.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

On Smallville season finale, hopeful proposals, and GetBackers.

Yesterday at 8-9pm on Studio23, I watched the exciting season ender of Smallville! There, it was shown that everything Clark's biological father planned is one by one coming to pass.

Here are some of the exciting parts...(Warning! Spoilers!)

Chloe, the student-journalist friend of Clark, together with her father went into this mansion-size house that was supposedly given to them by the FBI for their protection since Chloe testified for the prosecution filed by Lex Luther versus his father, Lionel Luther.

But after going in, after they closed the main door, the whole house exploded.

Lex was at home shown drinking a glass of whiskey. Apparently satisfied with the court's decision to execute his father.

But after he drank the whiskey, he fell on his side, apparently in some sort of pain. He was poisoned.

Everything mentioned above was shown in slow motion with a classical background music for the effective added effect. Everything happened while Lionel was having his head being shaved off his hair as preparation for his execution. Finally he said "Thank you" to the man who shaved his hair, a perfect timing to the unfortunate fate of Chloe and Lex.

In the cave, where the mysterious Kryptonian inscriptions were discovered, Clark was being persuaded by his foster father, Jonathan, to not go into this glowing ,sort of teleportation, door. But Clark was stuck between either choosing not to follow his biological father, Jorel, but lose Jonathan in the process or follow his biological father and be transported to somewhere he doesn't know.

Clark chose the later.

At the final part of the show, Clark was shown being sucked into the door, like what happens when one gets sucked into a blackhole, then later he was shown naked (not the pornographic image you might be imagining) within this, signature diamond shape Superman sign, bluish light carrying him up into the sky.

All these happened while Clark's mother stepped out of the house, went to the nearby field, and saw the sudden appearance of a huge Kryptonian inscription created by fire.


I now have two proposal for my project that most probably wont be rejected by sir Zulueta!

proposal #1: Winning the Battle Against Cancer
proposal #2: Good News: Fare Hike

The first one is about my ninang who overcame her cancer last year. The second one is about a jeepney owner's life, his family, and how the recent fare hike affected his family's way of living.

Getbackers really never failed to give that wonderful feeling everytime I watch it. Last night, on the continuation episode, they completed their assignment of obtainning the lost arms of the Venus de Milo. But then they lost it. When their boat was sinking due to a bullet-hole, Ginji unwittingly threw it in the water. Another episode was about Ban getting back his pride that he lost against an old crook who outwitted him years ago.

By the way, I highly recomment this show to you all!

That's all for now!

Friday, August 13, 2004

On Undecidedness and Clark Kent

I'm still undecided about my topic.

I know. Im sorry for the boring intro but I cant help it.

Tama ka abi! Bakit ba naisip niya ang ice cream vendor dyan na topic pero yung proposalS ko nireject!

Cant really think of something sensible to post today.

Wait! Here it comes!

This happened when I was channel surfing last night.

At 11:30pm I watched the very first episode of SMALLVILLE!!! Yes, I am (not 'was') very fortunate enough to have changed the channel to Starworld. Dahil kung hindi, never ko na siguro napanood yun! Napakaraming magagandang scenes na nagpalinaw ng malaki sa buong kwento.

Pinakita dun kung bakit kalbo si Lex, kung tagasaan pala talaga sa Lana, yung unang scene na niligtas ni Clark si Lex na siyang dahilan ng pagka-obsess ni Lex kay Clark, ang unang kalaban na may powers dahil naexpose sa Kryptonite, at syempre pati yung scene na toodler palang si Clark at natagpuan niya yung mag-asawang Kent. Yun rin pala ang episode kung saan ini-reveal na ng mga foster parents niya ang tunay niyang identity.(hindi ko masasabing 'pagkatao' kasi alien nga siya) :D

Ewan ko ba pero masaya talaga ko kagabi dahil dun. Siguro dahil yun nga nag unang-unang palabas, na swerteng napanood ko, at isa pa sa Tuesday naman sa Studio23 yung last na episode!

So ayan plug na to ha!

Watch the last episode of Smallville on Studio23 at 8-9pm.


Thursday, August 12, 2004


A few minutes ago, Carmela, a friend of mine was treated with malice and disrespect. Some frat people in our university gave this unflatering 'GGRRRR!' sound while we were passing by, obviously intended for my friend. Offended by the act, and unmindful even though they were a group, I loudly commented "sabi ko sayo dapat nag suot ka ng jacket e." to my friend. She was wearing this sleeveless pink top together with her black pants.

A few steps away my friends told me that I shouldn't have done that. I replied, "fu** them." pertaining to those people. Later, they told me that when it comes to frat people, those kind, I shouldn't act that way, explaining that those people can gang up on me and probably beat me up. Carmela also added that she was worried with what I've done.

To top off the conversation they said jokingly, "Baka mamaya makita ka nalang namin sa diaryo 'Newsman Makes News'", just like this article written by Nick Joaquin about Rod Reyes. The difference is he came out of his immersion unscathed unlike me ending up in a sorry state.

With all that they've said, I feel a pang of worry. I realize what I just did. But now while putting this down I feel a bit good about myself. I was able to stand for my friend. The move might be quite stupid, I know. Right now I am worrying a bit for my sake already.

But I have this attitude that when I feel threatened the more that I wanted to test if something will really happen to me. Im thinking about passing by that strip of this university agian and agian to see if they will do anything. I dunno, I guess its my way of testing fate or something. :D

OK enough with that.

Now about my 'disappointment'. At our class in Literary Journalism we were given an individual project and were told to write down our two proposed topics. I thought about the topics: "Balut Vendor" and "Fried Chicken Vendor". The first topic was considered by our professor as "Too mundane". The second topic was, like the first one, rejected. So now I'm left with thinking about a topic that wouln't be rejected. By the way, I proposed another topic entitled "A normal day in a working-student's life". He rejected it again. My proposals were rejected THRICE! I was disappointed. If that's the definition of how I felt then.

A while ago I was thinking about a topic regarding censorship on works of student-writers in our university, or if that were to be rejected, how about families living in karitons near UST, or about students who shifted into another course and faced the consequence of their choice. If these were to be rejected... what can I do, but think of another topic.

So to you who is reading this, please give some advice on what topic to tackle. Thanks!!!

For the mean time my first academic priority is my feature writing article regarding escort service. There are three days left before the submission. Humm... That would be more than enough time for me.

Till next time!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


We just came from UP Dil. There, we watched this old movie entitled Insiang. Upon arrival, before we came down from Nina's car, I almost felt strange. We were the only people in uniform, save for some of our classmates who already are in the theatre. It reminded me of our prof's warning the previus day, "Pag andun na kayo sasabihin ng mga taga UP 'Oy highschool o!'".
Luckily, nobody did that. At least I didn't hear any.

By the way sorry but thanks to the people whom I gave the inconvenience for waiting for me. People I swear that I left home early enough to arrive on time, if not before, but this idiot owner of the FX was caught by the LTO Officer and it took us more than 10 mins before we left the place. Then later the owner decided to take the route within Forbes Park. Bad move! Because we got caught in VERY HEAVY TRAFFIC! I was already mumbling curses on my seat! I was already way behind my schedule! Then I finally arrived at Taft Ave. where I rode the FX en route to Espanya. Another lucky FX driver! When we arrived near Morayta I noticed that he wasn't moving! Remember that I was already behind sched and that at that time Carmela just called to ask me where I was. Soon after that Nina texted me and said, "Brent after 5 mins, aalis na kami." That prompted me to get off the FX and ride a jeep for Dapitan! I arrived at last and saw them obviously irritated by my tardiness... Thank God they didn't leave without me! So, after a couple of sorrys and excuses, they forgave me.

Special thanks to Nina Euvimil! If it weren't for her, I would have stayed in school till my 3pm class. And also to everybody else who waited patiently for me!!! Thanks guys!

I promise to do my best so that this will not happen again.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

one of the best nights...

First of all I would like to inform all of you that Im a neophyte at writing blogspots.
This is my FIRST TIME at making my own.

So right now I appologize if you find my spot "amateuric" of some sort. But please dont lambast my first "creation". :D

This weekend's nights have been the best nights I had so far! No pending projects. No assignments. No nothing.Nothing to do but watch TV all day long and catch those rare siestas I had been not having the past months.Plus I had this really, rare, happy dream. It left me feeling elated even after I woke up. Its wierd actually... If you care to read on, read on. First of all I would like to inform you its not one of those "malicious" dreams that some of you might be having, or wanting to have. Its more like a kiddy dream. Like one of those dreams that, though wierd, almost gives you that smile on your face. Its the total opposite of nightmares that I occationally have. Ok so here goes...

I was in a vehicle. I dunno what kind but what I know is that I was on my home.
I think so because I percieved the place as the place where I usually pass by, the boarder between Global City and Makati.
I was looking on my right.
Then I saw the strangest thing.
Instead of concrete and steel that composes the road and nearby buildings,
I saw a feild, one of those softly flowing hilly waves of feilds that you might always see on the backgrounds of feel-good cartoons.
Then I saw grass, or what appears to be grass.
But it wasn't green colored grass.
I saw a feild dominated by colors of green and blue.
Although it wasn't the colorbands of the rainbow, that is how it impressed on me.
It was as if a rainbow was on the field.
Later, or at least what I remember doing next, I was outside walking
puffing air into a balloon.
And the ballon was the same color as the field.
The elongated balloon flew up, (although now I realize that it shouldn't since its supposed to contain carbon dioxide instead of helium or hydrogen), and as I watch it fly
I felt elated.
It was euphoria.

Thats all! heheheh... :D