Saturday, June 27, 2009

Earlier's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Metal gore and robot wars...

(The next best pics to one of my fave scenes)

Too bad all today's slots in IMAX were booked. We didnt bother to ask if tomorrow may have free slots nor the following days. We can't wait anymore. The conventional screen may not be as great but it doesn't matter, what made the experience great was the 2.5 hour movie itself and the presence of friends. :)

Part 1 had a permanent impact on me especially when I saw them transforming before my eyes for the first time, like watching Astroboy the movie when my first memory of anime is Astroboy. Part 2 reinforced that moment and it even made me see how my friend experienced something similar when he saw the Constructicons transforming. :D

And of course her royal hotness is smoking as ever. But none in the scenes earlier outdid that car repair portion of part 1.
One other thing, Revenge of the Fallen had more humor in it. :D
Yey! Transformers earlier, now waiting for a friend's Pochero to get cooked in another freind's house before probably going out later for this Saturday night. :D
Ahoo! Ahoo!

Friday, June 26, 2009

May you Rest in Peace, Michael.

Madonna cried when she learned. My friend almost cried.

As for me, I was in shock when I read the news in Yahoo this morning 15 minutes after it was published by the AP.

It was surreal. Something that one normally wouldn't have thought or imagine might happen today. Much like the same feeling when Rico Yan died during Holy Week of that year. There was a beautiful golden full moon the night prior.

Is Madonna the last of their kind, their caliber, their iconic stature, still alive today?

It was just earlier this week when I was reminded of him and his Neverland when the convicted Jalosjos' profile and his "theme park" was shown on tv by Ms Lazaro. (It goes without saying the similarities and differences of the two.)

My condolences the loved ones of Michael Jackson.

Just right now, while typing these, I asked my closest friend for the youtube link so I can also listen to what made those tears almost fall again. Childhood

There's only one thing I don't like in all of these, people/media remembered someone like him, became nostalgic of his golden years, now that he's dead. It's the same when a loved one dies. People did love MJ. People may remember him now by many things he did and allegedly did and did not do. People will miss the one and only Michael Jackson.

F*ck this is so unbelievable.

I told myself I wont post unless I really really feel the mood to post. I guess this one event today is one reason to blog.


I wished to post a lot other more personal events but then they didn't get published. Not even digitally drafted. Nonetheless, those events are stored and relived in the most important places in existence, in my heart, mind, and soul.

Hay... basta masarap ang mabuhay. Lalo na ngayon. At kung di mo to naiintindihan, better ask someone who can translate it for you.

Thank you, Lord, for life and the experiences. Thank You more for our beloved people you have allowed us to share our life with.

Live life now. :)


Monday, June 15, 2009

A Very Boring Sunday... Not!!!

They say pictures say a thousand words... so let the pictures do more of the talking:


Auf Wiedersehen...

That might be what Heidi says to evicted designers for Project Runway, however, on this post, it's not about PR or designers but about the concert of the Novo Concertante Manila at the Philam Life held last Saturday evening.

The singers are bound for Europe to compete in Austria and in Spain and they need our support. The concert held was actually also a fund raiser for the group.

I wish I was able to extend more than just well wishes and moral support, i.e., in cash and in kind.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy 111th Birthday our Republic of the Philippines!!!

What better way to start blogging again than to begin with our 111th anniversary of Celebration of the Declaration of Independence!

It is because we are a free country that we are able to do this:

This is one of the pictures I took during the anti-constitutional assembly rally held outside our office last Tuesday.

It is also because we are free that I can blog my brains out without fear of censorship or curtailment of my basic human right to self expression like they do in one of our neighbors, the Peoples Republic of China.

That and a whole lot more other rights that most of us take for granted, like the right to vote, just to state one example.

Sadly though, we also tend to abuse these rights that we have. Need to mention more about the "Hayden film festival?" Nah. How sad that we don't put our privileges to good use, instead of focusing too much on the gross showbiz side, we didn't do much about recognizing our very own who won best director in the 2009 Cannes Film fest, Brillante 'Dante' Mendoza, for his work, Kinatay.

How I wish I can say more right now about how I think or feel about how we use, omit, misuse, or abuse our rights as free Filipinos but I still need to go to work. Yeah, work on one of our most important national holidays. Tragic.

On a more personal note, today also marks my 3rd year of officially being part of the Filipino working class. It had been in June 12, 2006 that I ended my 2-month bumhood and started working. Whoa...

Live life!