Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I've just left my friend's house where I, together with HS friends, ate baked mac, Fruit salad, and Brazo de Mercedes and drank some red wine and Red Horse.
It was Bernard's friend's birthday and we were invited so it was a birthday/reunion.

I've been to San Roque Parish church to see if they have a publication there for our Catholic Journalism assignment which, to my torment, kept reminding me that I still havent done it for weeks though I'm clearly aware that there's still a LOT of time and it's the Christmas vacation anyway so why stress my self out, big time, with the incessant thinking of having not done it yet. So I finally did it. Thank you Brent. Thank You God. I now have my peace of mind at last.

I'm quite amazed to discover that I'm beginning to have a higher tolerance for alcohol.

What's Kura Paroko in English by the way? My friend, Sheena, told me it's Chaplain. Hum...

I now officially have an obsession, aside from thinking, and it's playing Frozen Throne DotA.

I miss my friends/classmates in UST. Mela at Ria at kayong lahat, miss you and see you sa pasukan, hindi na "paskuhan", at GOOD LUCK SA ATING LAHAT!!! (Yeah, Mitch, I agree with what you said on my taggie na "lagot na tayo when classes resume.")

Paulo Coehlo's book, Eleven Minutes, is hot. As in it makes me... Think of whatever connotation and that's what I mean.
(Yuck! Sana di niyo maisip yung blonde na herederang kana na pinalabas dati na kasama yung anak ng tanyag na mangaawit(?).)

After we had our class with Ma'am Rivera, I noticed at the beginning of this semester that we, Journalism students, spoke and, I think, felt more comfy speaking english. :)

Enjoy the vacation while it lasts! And, by the way, this is the last Christmas vacation, well, for most of us, that we're having as college students! :D The last Christmas vacation for us after FIFTEEN YEARS of studying!!! WAAAAAH!!!
(Ria: rolls eyes and looks at Carmela. Wahahahahah!)

Basta! Enjoy!!! Live life!!!

Now, time to play Frozen Throne DotA again! :D I'll be home before midnight. Promise.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to you all!!! ^_^

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"Aba'y ke aga e nag-iinternet na internetan!"

Somebody should tell me that right now.


The sun is up and I got so many things to blog!

I had one of the Best Paskuhan yesterday. It's not solely because of the Paskuhan itself though but because I spent time with my friends in Malate, drinking.
And there are two things that I learned from last night... which I quite forgot already. Oh yeah! I remember the first one but I would rather keep that one to myself. Now the other is............ tsk! Still can't remember...


If people are busy making a count down for Christmas, well, I may want to make a count down for our, guess what, Graduation Day!

Maraming pong salamat sa mga sumusunod na nagbigay sa aking ng regalo, so far, ngayong buwan ng kapaskuhan: (in no particular order)
Ria para sa nakakatuwang dolphin
Mela para sa makulay na buwaya
Jam para sa cute na unggoy
Nina para sa matibay at munting kahoy na lalagyan
Ruby sa pins na nagpapahiwatig ng magagandang idea
Schuy para sa masarap na manok sa Max
Gian para sa ikinatutuwa kong T-shirt na may print na "Goat Milk?" sa harap at batang may hawak na kambing sa likod galing sa SPOOFS
At sa lahat ng mga taong (as in, like, human beings like family, friends, and acquintances) nakapaligid sa akin dahil sila na mismo ay ragalong maituturing, maraming salamat po! :D

Saturday, December 17, 2005

My paternal Lolo Eduardo died last Thursday morning. I was thinking if it's proper to blog it down but then remembered that I blogged something about this before.

I learned it through text the night I was in Meri's kitchen with my group who were cooking Squid balls.

It was a bitter-more-than-sweet moment.

We were there to have fun supposedly and then suddenly... well, you get the picture.

But it's the way things are.

My younger brother is going with my Dad and cousin on a flight to Zamboanga tomorrow at 5:20 am.

I even pondered on whether going to Zambo or not, before it was finalized that my brother is the one going after all, because of certain reasons which I soon realized were not reasonable at all.

There is just no excuse for not seeing a departed Lolo who wanted to see us and even prepared a lot, expecting that we'll be with our father when he went there last June but because we had classes, we were not able to.

It's regretful though that I wont be able to see him for the last time. More regretful is that I wasnt able to see him while he's still alive and (It took me a good five minutes, and Ria to come and warn me that we're late for 30 minutes for the next class, to think if I can continue and finally type this word without hesitation... *very deep sigh...*) breathing.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thank you God for letting me get home safe and unscathed tonight despite being nine feet near a red beetle when it crashed to the rail fence near the underpass exit between the two roads, in front of the Manila City hall this afternoon, and sent metal bars off its place injuring people around. I was caught off guard when I heard that combination of loud popping sound and grinding of metal then was unnerved when I saw those metal bars and the people who were hurt. I imagined if one landed on my nape.
Thank you also for giving me the right amount of patience that when I was deciding to leave Makati Cinema Square, I opted to wait for the rain to stop, but though it didn’t as I vainly hoped it to, I encountered people , an old lady in particular, who told me the right directions when I asked while inside the jeepney if there’s somewhere I can ride that is bound for Ayala center. If I left earlier then I wouldn’t have met her.
Thank you too for giving me a strong immune system because if I were susceptible to illnesses then I would have been feeling worse by now instead of the slight headache I’m having, which is already fading by the way, after around five minutes of standing still in the rain with only a handkerchief to cover my head while I was in the queue waiting for the jeep bound for Market-Market to arrive with no one offering me to get under their umbrella. But I don’t blame them much, especially that male person beside me, because I guess it’s quite uncommon for a male stranger to offer his umbrella to another male stranger, unless maybe if I look desperate and asked if he would share his umbrella with me. And thank you too for making me wonder that if a fragile-looking lady were in my place then people around her would have been more considerate.
Lord, I hope that the person who found my (long) lost umbrella is putting it into good use.
Thank you too for Blogger because if it weren’t for this then I wouldn’t be able to say this the way I’m doing it on the internet.
Thank you too because Blogger, among others, is not blocked here in the Philippines unlike in China.
Thank you too for my parents’ hard-earned money that made it possible for me to rent this pc so that I can blog.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for making me me by molding me through the people around me, family, friends, acquaintances, and even enemies, and the circumstances that you allowed to happen in my life.
Thank you for my existence though there are times, which is usually before I sleep, when I feel frustrated because I can’t still seem to put my finger on what my purpose for living is, and because still I wonder what I’m living for and that when will the time come when those that I aspire for finally come to pass.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Congratulations to the Philippine team for making it possible for us to have the record in the 23rd South East Asian Games!

I hate it when I wake up in the morning, when I'm taking a bath, or when I have nothing to do and then suddenly have this BRILLIANT IDEA pop up in all its wonderfully well constructed perfect order and then when time comes that the BRILLIANT IDEA'S timely to discuss with somebody or to write down for a writing assignment or to blog... BAM! It's gone! Eureka! It's gone!


I hate cowards. Example: those who're just too afraid to take responsibility for something that they're partly responsible.

I hate traitors. Example: those who do not know who or where their allegiance are supposed to lie.

I hate way-too-imature-for-their-age people.
I'm quite immature myself and I dont like to be with older (not that I'm already old), more immature people. (But then, immaturity's relative. But then, there may also be a relative scale to measure immaturity.)

I hate, I mean, I dont like me hating people. I like liking people. But it's just that people do something, or don't do something, that makes them unlikeable. (But, of course, some people'll say "Bakit gusto ka rin ba niyang gustuhin?!?!" Then I'll say, "Bakit hindi? Pero baka may ginagawa ako o hindi ginagawa kaya di niya ako magustuhan.")

I dont like the feeling of not liking somebody for the reason of "no apparent reason" because it may be unfair for the unliked.

True learned people are not arrogant.
Congratulations to the Philippine team for making it possible for us to have the record in the 23rd South East Asian Games!
Click here for the link to the South East Asian Games official web site* (I would like to Congratulate all those who made it all the way to cover their respective assigned news coverages for the SEA Games despite conflicts with their academic schedules. :D )For those who say that it's only because of the "hometown advantage" I say to you, with a smile on my face, if it really were the case then may I say, especially to fellow South East Asians who say such, that whoever is not guilty of this, cast the first stone.

(Though, of course, there are those claims of unfairness in the SEAG and all that. Well, just let whatever body or association to determine the validity of those claims and of what magnitude they were.)

Now I guess it's quite overdue for ALL OF US to take a good close look at how our athletes are compensated lest we would rather show the world in the future that our athletes are a wimpy lot from a third world country.

For the mean time... Congratulations at maraming salamat sa inyo aming mga atletang Pilipino! ^_^

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Talk about blahs, happiness, the accident I witnessed this morning, and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

I wish to talk about blahs, happiness, the accident I witnessed this morning, and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

There are different kinds of happiness according to my cumulative thoughts up to this afternoon… (to be discussed some day though I was quite sure a while ago when the flow of thought was there…)

I was in the fx along J.P. Rizal Extension on the way to the Makati City Hall when this red motorcycle (the type used in X-Games, motocross) on our right crashed to the pavement, causing the driver and his son of around 8-years-old to fall on their stomachs. Actually it’s more appropriate to use the term sumadsad sa kalsada than nahulog.
Anyway, so there we were, the passengers, shocked by what happened. But guess what? None of us stopped to help. I’m not proud that I’m telling you this now, instead, I’m quite ashamed of myself and the “adults” inside the fx with me. I’ll share what I was thinking then especially after the driver told us that he would have helped those people but he was thinking of us, his passengers, and that we it might be a hassle (HASSLE!?!?!) for us if he were to stop and offer help. If he really were concerned enough then he would have told us “My passengers, would you mind me offering help to them? And if they accept, I might as well let them, or at least the child, ride with you so that we may bring them to the hospital.” Or something like that. But he just said, “Tutulungan ko na sana pero baka ma-blah blah kayo sa biyahe niyo.” Actually he was even afraid that somebody, a taxi driver, might have seen his fx’s plate number and he might be pointed to as the cause of the accident. (Damn. I feel bad right now recalling all these. Might not be able to talk about happiness after all.) None of the “adults” with me vocally suggested if we might stop to offer (or insist) help. Darn… I didn’t either. That might as well make me one of those “adults” too.

I suddenly feel very bad now. Opposite to how I was this morning right after I rose from bed.

The terms “bed” and the act of rising from it are not implying something that you might just be thinking of as something “unwholesome” that transpired during the night as brought by the term “sex” in the intro. (I can almost hear Mitch saying, “Talaga naman. Di makapag discuss ng happiness pero sex eto na.”) :D

Sex in itself is/may not be fulfilling.
Climax. Yun na? As in… yun na lang ba talaga yun? Is that all that has to be present for sex to be wonderful?

Couldn’t it be:
“Sex is wonderful because…
I feel (a term pertaining to emotion)”
I feel (a term pertaining physical to sensation)”
I’m finally doing it!”
I can finally do it!”
I can do it again!”
I’m doing it with you.”
we’re doing it again!”
I’m not doing it with (blah)!”
we’re doing it here (a phrase about a place… under the stars… on the beach… on the sand, for example).”

Masaya ako kasi our report on libel went quite well. :D

Cheers! Live life!
Classmates, have you thought that yesterday was the last November of our lives as college students? (of course, yes, I know, there are classmates/friends of ours with “special” cases. Wag kayo magalit sakin ha… please. :( Naisip ko lang kasi na last November nayun at ito na rin ang huling December natin, signaling the last complete year we’ll have as “ordinary” students... I can remember how I USED to wonder how long the years will be for me before I finish college… this was when I was, um, maybe, in Kinder, Nursery, Elementary… )