Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thank you God for letting me get home safe and unscathed tonight despite being nine feet near a red beetle when it crashed to the rail fence near the underpass exit between the two roads, in front of the Manila City hall this afternoon, and sent metal bars off its place injuring people around. I was caught off guard when I heard that combination of loud popping sound and grinding of metal then was unnerved when I saw those metal bars and the people who were hurt. I imagined if one landed on my nape.
Thank you also for giving me the right amount of patience that when I was deciding to leave Makati Cinema Square, I opted to wait for the rain to stop, but though it didn’t as I vainly hoped it to, I encountered people , an old lady in particular, who told me the right directions when I asked while inside the jeepney if there’s somewhere I can ride that is bound for Ayala center. If I left earlier then I wouldn’t have met her.
Thank you too for giving me a strong immune system because if I were susceptible to illnesses then I would have been feeling worse by now instead of the slight headache I’m having, which is already fading by the way, after around five minutes of standing still in the rain with only a handkerchief to cover my head while I was in the queue waiting for the jeep bound for Market-Market to arrive with no one offering me to get under their umbrella. But I don’t blame them much, especially that male person beside me, because I guess it’s quite uncommon for a male stranger to offer his umbrella to another male stranger, unless maybe if I look desperate and asked if he would share his umbrella with me. And thank you too for making me wonder that if a fragile-looking lady were in my place then people around her would have been more considerate.
Lord, I hope that the person who found my (long) lost umbrella is putting it into good use.
Thank you too for Blogger because if it weren’t for this then I wouldn’t be able to say this the way I’m doing it on the internet.
Thank you too because Blogger, among others, is not blocked here in the Philippines unlike in China.
Thank you too for my parents’ hard-earned money that made it possible for me to rent this pc so that I can blog.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for making me me by molding me through the people around me, family, friends, acquaintances, and even enemies, and the circumstances that you allowed to happen in my life.
Thank you for my existence though there are times, which is usually before I sleep, when I feel frustrated because I can’t still seem to put my finger on what my purpose for living is, and because still I wonder what I’m living for and that when will the time come when those that I aspire for finally come to pass.


Blogger lost soul said...

your post made me smile.
i miss you.

8:28 PM, December 11, 2005  

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