Sunday, November 13, 2005

Random Thoughts...

I was walking westward with by back to the east (duh) and I knew that it was 12 noon when I observed, which I remember doing before, that my shadow wasnt exactly under my feet like I thought it was supposed to during this time of the day. It was extending to my right pointing to the north. No, the shadow wasnt actually extending it's shadowy arm and was "pointing" (that would have been amusing and shocking at the same time), the shadow as a whole was "pointed" to the North. Then I recalled a previous thought on this: I am, obviously, in the Philippines and my country is situated in the Northern Hemisphere. That may be the reason why shadows here arent necessarily directly beneath objects and all that at noon because there's an angle. If I were nearer or at the Equator then what I initially expected would happen.


Last night I was wondering what is my reason for living.

Then I thought that books, especially the fiction ones are somehow means for escapism. I know that it widens the perspective and all that. *TING* Oh... It may be used as an escapist material but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. Because there is learning involved. Hum...
I guess I was thinking all that because I was quite down last night while holding a James A. Michener book, The Drifters.
I should be thankful for what I have now, then aim and work things out to gain or achive higher goals. Think of climbing a ladder. Revel in each step, appreciate what I have for the mean time, then aim for the next step.
There is always so much more to be said when I'm not blogging and was thinking of blogging what I wanted to blog but end up not putting it on blog when Im finally in front of the mindless computer.
According to a ka-Flickr, Julie, from France, things weren't as bad as the media projected about the riots going on there.
Yey! Nakablog ulit ako na medyo may kahabaan. :D


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